Found this over at the Alberta Bloc site.

Alberta Xmas wish list:

Real oil royalty rates: 20 to 30 percent, not won poorcent. Won because oviously someone won something, the oil royalty rate lotto! And poorcent, because it isn’t even one poorcent of the gross, its the net. . . . after expenses.

Real senate reform: Definately not the stevils americanized totalitarian dictatorship shoveling of Baloneyium: Baloneyium is that almost rare element that some politicians shovel out to the overtaxed voters, like the way one puts cheese in a trap for a rabid mouse thats eating your money.

Real Representation: Yes, the real stuff, where the prime minister who supposedly lives in Alberta, and is supposedly an Albertan has the guts, morals, and honor to stand up like an Albertan always should, and say “Alberta is a Nation with no equals!” I guess the problem is he is an American.

Real Choices at the Ballot: Like wowzers, the choices, the stevil of the Europeans, or the stevil of the Americans, red or blue tie. . . The Alberta Bloc will attempt to serve a full plate of real choice at the ballot for the voting people of Alberta.

Real Road cleaning: Umm Mr and Mrs Government, winter happens! Every Year! Why, oh why, after over 100 years, are the roads always so bad in winter. isn’t there 1/2 a billion($$ 500,000,000 $$) or so spent to keep those roads clean? Why isn’t those elected officials out there with their expensive snow blowers every snow fall? Oh ya, there off in vacation at your expense land, sweating under the tropical heat, while you enjoy the joys of winter. Joys like ice covered streets!

And a whole bunch more! more like less taxes, less perks and priviledges for politicians and whole bunch of other stuff like that. . . .