Here in Edmonton the winter is quiet the winter!
Click here for Winter image from my flickr site.
Lots of snow everywhere!
All over the Nation of Alberta!
Alberta is a mighty Nation that streches from the rockies in the west, to the tundras of the north to the waters of the east and to the prairies of the south.

Anyways, back to the snow in Edmonton, capital of the nation named Alberta. Once you turn off the plowed main roads, your sledding and sliding all over the place!
Walking threw it is worse than walking threw sand, for snow is cold,
and there is slippery ice under the snow!
At sea one has sea legs,
in Edmonton in winter one has snow legs
Both seam to involve off balancing, and such
acts of skillful trekking.

It looks to be a very white Xmas this year.

2007 the eighth year of the decade known as the noughties is coming!