Steve Kubby for President of the USA.

Kubby for Pres.

Image is of Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States of America; Steve Kubby: signing a form to register a political party in Edmonton Alberta.
Taken at the Edmonton International Airport.

I first met Mr Kubby at the international airport in Edmonton, capital of the Mighty Nation of Alberta.
Mr Kubby, who has run for govenor of California, was here in Canada fleeing political persecution. Steve has andrenal cancer and needs Marijuana to live. Health Canada recongnized this and granted Mr Kubby a license to grow Marijuana, and consume Marijuana.

The government of the USA disagreed and wanted to throw him in jail to die, so to Canada he fled. UNFortunately, the Canada Government did not fully support his bid to stay in Canada, Canada is a confederation of Nations to which the mighty Nation of Alberta Belongs. So he was extradited to America to do time in jail, Luckly he was able to get marinol in jail, which is a prescription form of THC that doctors will sometimes prescribe to people.

In My Opinion Mr. Kubby would make an excellent President, and would be far far better than any other Candidate up for election as president of the USA.

In My Opinion, it is not just your right, it is your Duty to support his run for President of the United States of America, as he is probably the only Candidate that would restore integrity and honor to that country.


image of the damage they did to his luggage on the flight to Edmonton. I had heard stories of how they can destroy your luggage, but had never witnessed it until that Day I met Mr Kubby.

It was so ruined, I had to take an image of it!
is the web site devoted to electing Steve Kubby as President of the USA.