Yes indeed,
Here will I,
Dave Dowling,
Most Boldly and bravely
for the year 2007,
the eighth year ,
in the decade of the noughties,
make certain predictions . .
that will come true!

2007 Predicitons:
1 there will be a war somewhere.
2 Computers will be improved.
3 There will be a natural disaster somewhere. . .
4 a medical advance will happen!
5 Some technological devices will be cheaper to buy!
6 Banks will make Billions. . . this one is the one that may or may not happen prediction. .. after all the world could end. . .
7 The people of Edmonton will go to the polls to elect a city council!
8 A boat will sink. . . somewhere. . .
9 More people will surf the internet
10 you will get spam in your inbox, unless of course you have good spam filters on. . .
Which just begs the question Is there spam in the inbox if you never check it?