Twas the week before Xmas, and all the corporations were fill with glee
for all the shopping done by you and me

We will chop two forests, so we all have a tree in the house,
And three more forests will die, so presents can be wrapped.
Four mountains will be turned into holes for all the metal and such in all those gifts put under those dead trees dying in our houses.
But that is no problem, for all those trees, and all that wrapping paper and all those ribbions and such will fill up those holes that once were mountains, just after Xmas!
At least ten million turkeys will die to stuff our bellies,
and hundreds of square kilometers will be ravaged for all the trimmings for those ten million dead turkeys.
Millions of tons of toxic planet wreaking pollutants will be released to barbarianize the environment, by all our driving around in our gas guzzeling vehicles to get those trees, those gifts, that wrapping paper, and those turkeys and trimmings!
Xmas cards and Xmas card envelops will of course trim two to three forests to below ground level as water and rainfall leach off the top soil because there is no roots there to hold the soil in place, because we all sent Xmas cards.

In the rush of consumer greed, if you haven’t allready spent yourself into debt to show your loved ones you love them, by buying your Xmas stuff early, then :

Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year, and enjoy the neverending lineups at the cash register!
Better bring a lunch or supper, because most do not serve that in the very long long line ups that happens every year this time of the year!