Yes, good old Stevil of the americans did decide to produce Ethenol from corn and soya! And it will only cost the taxed voter $355 million or so of your dollers!

Now as we all know that corn and soya do not grow everywhere in Alberta, I can only ask , “where oh where is all that corn and soya gonna come from?

Certainly not from the North West Territories!

So I suppose it will all be imported form America or something. Yes the stevil harper of Ottawa could have announced that he would make fuel from hemp, but he did not.

Hemp can be grown everywhere in Alberta, and it produces more biomass per hectare of Albertan land than any other plant that can be grown all over Alberta like hemp can be grown all over Alberta. And it (hemp) is easier to process than imported corn or imported soya! But the Stevil of anywhere but Alberta has gone and once again rewarded everyone but the Alberta farmer farming a farm.

The 345 million or so could have been raised on the Eastern stock market, but of course, there is probably some scandalism happening, so it is $$ 1/3 of a Billion of overtaxed voters dollers or more that must be dumped into the white elephant project that only helps corporations and the people that consult for them after they are out of office. . . .

If only a Prime minister from Alberta, voted in to office by Albertans could do something for Alberta and Albertans instead of constantly and consistantly doing everything he can for everyone else.

Oh I almost forgot, he (the stevil harper of the south, has done something for Alberta, he helped raped it for Billions upon billions of dollers, and who knows, Albertans might get another few pennies in another rebate check 40 or 50 years from now.