Yes indeed where is all the boxing done on boxing day?
And exactly what official boxing is boxing on boxing day.

Is boxing putting all that wrapping paper and ribbions in those boxes that were used for xmas presants and taking it all down to the recycling plant?

Or is boxing day something more old, more primative devolving knuckles and roped square rings surronded by a crowd of blood thirsty spectators?

If the first, then on with boxing day! We need more recycling.
If the latter, then oh oh, I checked all those TV channels and did not see any boxing matches anywhere, SO I suppose it must be in the stores where people are squabbling over all those fine items on sale! And maybe they buy so many they bring boxes to put all those items in, and that could be the official boxing on boxing day boxing.

On with the boxing, which ever it is.
Hip Hip hurray, 2007 is less than a week away.