Again this year, more pollution, more toxicity, more war, and of course, less trees, less forests, and less clean water and air.

Bottom line: Humanity is a few more trillion in deficit environmentalism to mother Earth this year, adding once again to the overburdering environmental debt that the mother eath bank may soon default on.

If we can get to mars and suck half of it dry of everything, and bring it all back here, we just may be able to pay that default.

Bad news is, at current state fo the art technological transfer rates from mars to earth, it may take a few thousands years to bring all that loot back, and that could be a few thousand years too late.

Better stake your claim to mars now,
while all that rubble and ice is cheap!

Edmonton is going to the polls in 2007 to elect a mayor and council and probably a bunch of mlas and mps.

At least you will not have to go to mars to vote.