January 2007


Shows that there is plans by political parties to save the forests.
Forests are important in my life. I have no idea if you like them, but I like trees. It is most excellent to go vacationing amongst them for a day or two. Whizzing down the ski slopes or camping in the valley down below, both are rather fun In My Opinion.

And In My Opinion is what matters here. For this is the web blog of Dave Dowling, your # 1 Choice on the ballot for four elections in a row! Federal, Municipal, Provincial, Federal! And possibly 5 in a row. And I am not just ssaying so, because the surname of Dowling was first alphabetical on the ballot!
No, I text so, because it is so.
Proof of this, is how I demand elected officials wages, perks and privileges be lowered. More proof is how I demand such savings be put towards fighting poverty and the dirtying up of the environment.

Yes, the best way to preserve the environment is to support those that do so. Make sure you research who you vote for. Make sure they are not pirates ready to spend your tax dollars on barrels of grog to bathe in. When such keep getting into office, election after election, we have what we have.
What we have is dirty waters, brown airs, and foods so full of toxic substances
, that when four members of parliment were tested for them they all have 40 or more such substances in thier dirty toxic filled bodies. Those bodies of all mps are dirty and filled with toxic substances because they supported laws that let it be so.


I, Dave Dowling, am bold and brave, and know we need to do more to: make sure our airs are clean, and fit to breath; that our waters are clear and clean and refreshing to drink; And our foods are free of contaminants and tasty to eat.
Proof of this is this web blog, full of posts, that you would never see posted by an Old Millenium politician. more proof is my personal web site, and of course the Alberta Bloc web site.

During Elections where I am a Candidate, I do not partake in the destruction of a forest for spam, I campaign with no large signs made of trees that end up in the landfill, nor do I bilk the overtaxed voter of excessive amounts of money to spend on spam.
Proof of this is in the financial returns filed with various government elections officials.

Proof of my Bravery and boldness in all over the web, wehere I post with out using a spell checker or typo editor! Who else does so ,and posts such horrendus typos and grammar errors?
Probably no one else, that is who.
Why? Typos and grammar mistakes are editors works, I myself perfer to make those rare masterpieces complete with all the mistakes, like this post, and leave the bickering over editing of typos to the editors that can not write such wonderous enobling prose filled posts.
Plus I have a hand that is rather disabled, due to injuries and surguries, that makes more typos for me that I care to make! Oh, well , such is life at times for some.

I decided to run for election as the current representatives do nothing, but tow the party line, or waste the taxpayers monies on white elephant projects. Taxation with no representation is wrong. On top of this, the current elected ones, have no vision, no plans, no way to solve most of our problems that we face.
All they seam to do is the old millenium ways of the pirates. They up thier wages, up thier perks, and privledges, and give the overtaxed voter the bill for it all. Thier wages go up, while the majorities go down, due to inflationary tactics.
They had at least 50 years to fix the environment, give us more rights and freedoms, but all they have done is the opposite. They have helped wreak the environment, taken away freedoms and rights, and act like righty winged totalitarian dictatorship pirates. We do not need more of that. We need more people like me, standing up for the forests, air and waters and us people!

This is the eighth year in the decade of the noughties in the new millenium, and this election, don’t vote like an old millenium sheeple fed a diet of pure spam for the tree killer crew, Vote like a sentient intellignet being for a real human, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

Crush hour traffic in Edmonton is pretty bad. Other Cities, besides having bus and taxi lanes, also have passenger only lanes. Why? to decrease traffic congestion.
Edmonton should have more buses, that are free, and lanes dedicated to vehicles with more than one person in them. More Buses will also cut pollution. Laws should be passed so a portion of shopping mall parking space is dedicated to park and ride commuters.

Another bridge over the river, to downtown, will not solve Edmonton’s crush hour woes. Only real Civic leadership will.

Leadership, yet another of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

In My Opinion, the following will probably get them all going rabid over at the University of Alberta, as I have no degree from that University. Why , I can almost hear the gossipy whispering at the prez’s office. . .
But anyways, I , Dave Dowling, Brave, unemployed, cadidate for mayor of Edmonton, shall go on with the explaination , complete with my mighty typos. . . of the tale of the 1/2 filled or 1/2 empty cup!

Imagine a hypothetical clear cup, carved from a diamond. A diamond pillaged from a pirates chest of loot. A Crystal cup splarkling with a liquid that glistens with the light of distant stars in the night sky. A Liquid that could be Ambrosa of the Deities, that depentant on the mind frame of the observer, is either making that diamond crystal cup that sparkles 1/2 empty, or 1/2 filled, with a sparkling clear non-polluted liquid, fit for a mortal human to drink. . .
This is of course the old way, of the old millenium, to look at such a profound cup of uncalculateable worth. This old way of 1/2 filled or 1/2 empty, is of course an illusion, of the old millenium ways. . . for the cup, carved from a single flawless blue diamond, is always full!
For here on planet earth, at sea level, the verifiable observations of Science show us that although 1/2 of the cup is filled with liquid, the other 1/2 is filled with air! Even in the vast emptyness of Outerspace, where the Sasquatches, that are easier to catch that to get politicians to lower thier wages, roam, the cup is filled with the almost nothingness of outerspace!
Science shows us through relativity, that all is interconnected, and there is no mythical 1/2 cup of nothing, for the nothing would be occupying 1/2 of the volume of the cup!
No matter what you put in the cup, and no matter how much of it you put in the cup, the cup is always and totally full of something.
Even if you put a total vacum, more empty that the wails of deamons in hell in 1/2 of the cup, the cup would still be absolutely filled to the brim with stuff. And even if you created a total vacume in all the volume of the cup, the cup would still be overflowing with nothing. And then, it would p[robably create some Zero Point Energy!
Has an image of a theorietical Acoustic enduced zero point energy powered Computer, that can make photons take a ninety degree turn with no energy loss!
Imagine that.
I believe the zero point energy system works because of those self evident truths that every particle everywhere must obey.
Self evident truths are things like the U of A charges too much, and is too totalitarian in student relationships, e=mc^2, the laws of thermodynamics, the law of gravity, etc, and the now revealed self evident truth that the cup is alway full.
Remember Samarasekera, and the rest:

like a lot of stuff, you read it here first!, and that is yet another of many good and excellent reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

Yes, Edmonton City council gets paid more than 4 average peoples wages put together. that is each council member. The Mayor gets something like ten times the average persons wages.

About $2 million a year is spent on thier wages, perks and privledges.
If that was cut to $20,000 per councilor and $25,000 for the uppity mayors, that would be 245,000 per year in wages. This would result in savings of $1.5 million.

$1.5 million per year could be put towards buying solar panels and installing them on city buildings, city schools, and to power city street lights at night, and electric snow cleaners in the winter!

Now, Canadian tire, sells solar panels. In fact according to last weeks flyer, a 12 watt folding solar panel sells for $179.99. Governments get all gst back that they spend. And I am sure if the government was to be spending $1 million on solar panels they could get a discount and Probably get those 12 watt folding solar panels for $150.00 per panel! (volume discount)
Now, $1 million dollars divided by $150 per panel is equal to 6,666.6666666666666 Panels, 12 watt folding solar panels!
6,666.666666666666666 solar panels times twelve watts is equal to 80,000 watts of pure, clean, environmental friendly, power.
In two years, it would be 160,000 watts of power, and one million spent on electric snow cleaning machines! 3 years, it’s up to 240,000 watts of environmentally friendly electric power generating and 1.5 million worth of electric snow cleaning machines to keep the streets of Edmonton clean and safe all winter long. . .

Of course though, the problem in all of this is: It is far far easier to catch a live Sasquatch than to get the Mayor and council of Edmonton to lower thier wages and put those savings to good things, like being a leader of the world in Democracy and snow removal and environmentally friendly electric power generating.

After reading the online version of the Edmonton Sun, My fav, online Edmonton newspaper, as they are free like wordpress.com, my fav web bloging site I decided to write the following letter to them (Edmonton Sun,) that they will probably never publish.

Dear Editors, or whomever.

After reading your online article at: http://www.edmontonsun.com/Comment/Commentary/2007/01/22/3424280.html

I have decided to answer your challange.
The Kyoto accord can be met. And Kyoto can be exceeded without making the overtaxed voter pay more for gas and heating the house in winter. Surpluses. With good fiscal management there will be surpluses for years. Those surpluses can be increased by chopping politicians wages down to reasonable levels of 20,000 to 40,000 per year, instead of the outragous figures they now are. Instead of giving that $ Ten billion surplus to the bill collectors every year, use 1/2 of the surplus to make the country more environmentally friendly, with tax incentives for Corporations to set up to produce environmentally friendly cars and house upgrades, and tax incentives for the homeowner and car owner to purchase those environmentally friendly products that the world so desperately needs. Put 1/4 of that surplus to ending poverty and such social diseases. and then put 15 % towards other givernment projects, which would leave ten poorcent of that surplus for the greedy pirate bill collectors, who should be put last on the list of where to spend the surpluses, as there is already money budgeted for them in every budget. First on that list of where to spend surpluses, should be the excellent people of the mighty Nation of Alberta and the air, waters and such that they consume.

Alberta Bloc Leader, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton:
Dave Dowling.

Kyoto can easily be exceeded. If hemp prohibition were ended, there would be an additional 2 billion per year to spend on making Alberta the environmentally friendly leader of the planet.
UNfortuneateally Our Governments would rather spend that 2 billion per year locking up the sons and daughters of Alberta with serial killers, rapists and such, rather than make sure we all have clean air to breath, clear waters to drink, and non toxic food to eat.
And that is sad, for Alberta is suppose to be a leader of something, but the only thing it looks like we lead at is sending billions to pirates out east.
Alberta: land of the overtaxed voter.

Purchasing power is what the money will buy. Threw inflationary tactics that cause the price of bread to increase, while wages do not increase, the price of bread has drasticley increased since the sixties. In the sixties a worker working to create wealth could work for one hour at minimum wage and earn 95 cents. With that 95 cents the worker who was working for one hour could go down to the bakery and buy ten loafs of the finest bread for that 95 cents, because way back when in the sixties that 95 cents has lots of purchasing power.

To buy those same ten loafs of bread today, the worker working would need between 20 to 30 dollers! That is a decline in the purchasing power of the minimum wage. For the minimum wage would never buy ten loafs of bread today. If the Minimum wage had the same purchasing power as the minimum wage of the sixties the minimum wage today, would be around $20.

That is a major decrease in the minimum wage, that is getting worse all the time. For inflation happens every year, yet the minimum wage seams to only go up every ten years or so. and then it only goes up pennies instead of going up quarters and dollers. this decrease in the purchasing power of the minimum wage that has been happening since the sixties could be one the Big reasons why there is so many working poor, homeless people, high crime and poverty rates.

I believe it has been said before that the lack of money is the root of all evil. After all look at how most pirates in government always seam to be lacking money and wanting to pillage more of it. For proof of this just look at how the different pirates in government have never lowered thier wages, and always increased thier wages, while caring not a bit about those on minimum wages.

Perhaps elected officials need the same rates as people on social assistance.
And that just may be harder than catching a live sasquatch.

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