Way back when, in 2006, a year that happened long long ago,
I Dave Dowling, candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2007, did make the following predictions!
https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2006/12/18/2007-predictions-by-dave-dowling/ And I must quote myself at this point:

Yes indeed,
Here will I,
Dave Dowling,

Most Boldly and bravely
for the year 2007,
the eighth year ,
in the decade of the noughties,
make certain predictions . .
that will come true!

2007 Predicitons:
1 there will be a war somewhere.
2 Computers will be improved.
3 There will be a natural disaster somewhere. . .
4 a medical advance will happen!
5 Some technological devices will be cheaper to buy!
6 Banks will make Billions. . . this one is the one that may or may not happen prediction. .. after all the world could end. . .
7 The people of Edmonton will go to the polls to elect a city council!
8 A boat will sink. . . somewhere. . .
9 More people will surf the internet
10 you will get spam in your inbox, unless of course you have good spam filters on. . .

Predicitons, 1, 3, 9 and 10 have already Happened!
War in somalia/ethiopia
Storms in BC
It’s true, more people are surfing the internet!
And of course, you probably got lots of spam today!

Stay tune as we track the other predictions and see if they happen. . .