We need clean air, pure water, and non toxic land to live.
Al those diseal busses are wreacking Edmontons health!
Why oh why are all those buses not electric, hydrogen or compressed air powered?
2 Billion a year in the city budget and they can not make Edmonton the environmental capital of the world?

Sounds like some kind of Scamdel is happening once again.

It sure looks as if council and the Mayor are hell bent on stuffing their pockets with ill gotten gain, rather than looking out for the good of all Edmonton.

If the Mayor and council were to cut their wages, perks and privledges by 1/2, there would be almost one million dollers per year that could be put towards making Edmonton the most environmentally friendly city on the planet.

Of course though, it would probably be easier to capture a Sasquatch than have council and the Mayor cut thier wages. . .