Yes indeed, I Dave Dowling, do hear by declare, I am boldy running in every election I can in Edmonton, the Capital of the Strong and Free Nation of Alberta!

I have realized it is far far easier to catch a Sasquatch live, than to have the pirates at the helm lower thier wages, perks and privledges! And that, that is a sad sad thing indeed.

For those elected official are not elected to rule over the people with an iron fist and legions of storm troopers, and wear a crown of gold and jewels.

Those elected officials are elected to a position of voluntary servitude. For the people, all of them, even those that do not vote, are in fact those elected officials bosses!

Something is might wrong , when our servants of everyone (elected people) are getting paid more than the minimum wage.

there must be a Scamdel or something happening when those elected servants start thinking they deserve more, every year. And that more and more translates into $$ Hundreds of thousands $$ to $$ Millions $$ of your money!

Those hundreds of thousands to multipull millions $$ is money that could be better spent, like spent on tax savings and restoring the integrity to the environment!

And that is one of the many reasons why, I, Dave Dowling have decided to run for Mayor of Edmonton if not elected as MP for Edmonton Strathcona, or MLA for Edmonton Goldbar.

I will run an environmentally friendly campaign, where I not only say I respect the environment, but will show so, in campaigning with no large, forest destroying propaganda signs, polluting the roads in any way shape or form.

I would dare the pirates competing against me to do so, but all they really have to offer the over taxed voter is spam.

Election Spam is all those election signs made of trees that end up in the landfill once the election is over. Election spam is proof that pirates do not respect the integrity of the environment.