More snow has fallen in Edmonton, and once again, it looks like the Mayors stratagy for snow removal is to . . . . wait for the weather to warm up!
And nof course that will probably cost the over taxed voter, millions upon millions of hard earn taxed dollars!

A far far better course of action would be to watch the weather channel once a day for a few minutes and if it looks like lots of snow is in the forcast, then GET THOSE SNOW CLEANERS READY!!
the weather channel was predicting this snow. . . D A Y S ago. . .

I had my shovel at the ready, and today , I have already cleaned my sidewalk, and will shovel it again if nessescary. . Over 5 inches of snow , and no plan to clean the streets, is kind of scary.

$2 Billion $ a year, and they can not clean and repair the streets?

Good thing there is an election this year, for it looks to be: Time to vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!