Wealth is created by Workers working.
When a worker works a worker creates wealth.
Example: a worker is working at panning gold on the north Sask. river banks.
Let us say that the Worker working can sluce out $25 of raw flour gold in an eight hour day with that gold panning pan, from the black sands of the riverbanks.
UNfortuantly for our working working at panning gold, that flour gold has impurities in it, and has to be refined , before it can be used for other stuff. And UNfortuantly most workers working, do not own the means of production, like gold refining equipment. Just like our worker working at panning gold. So the worker working at panning gold, takes that $25 worth of raw flour gold down to the gold refiner. The gold refiner checks out the gold and then says” well that gold has impurities in it, and it will cost me to refine it, so I will give you 1/2 crust of almost moldy bread for all that gold.
The worker working says :”What?” and stomps out of that store off to find another gold refiner, that wil give him a better price… . After trudging all over town, he finds out that the best price he can get for that gold from a gold refiner is . . . just enough money to buy a 1/2 crust of almost moldy bread, so he sells that gold for enough money to buy 1/2 a crust of dry starting to get moldy bread for supper. THe worker working does not buy anything to drink as he can drink lots of nice free brown river water!

The Gold refiner on the other hand, who owns the means of production to refine gold, hires another worker working, for 1/2 crust of dry almost moldy bread, to refine the gold that the gold refiner bought from 10 workers working that were panning for flour gold on the banks of the North Sask, River in Edmonton. Yes, he paid 11 half crusts of almost moldy bread for $250 of Gold. It only cost 25 cents to refine the gold, 25 cents for rent, and the eleven 1/2 almost moldy crusts of bread were only 50 cents, so the Gold refiner Made a profit of $249 from eleven workers working!

That night at supper the gold refiner swilled caviar from a gold encrusted bowl, while washing it down with expensive rare wines from the far east. Afterwards he bathed in a barrel of pure grog, while entertaining the local elected pirates with tales of how the minimum wage should be lowered threw inflationary econmics! He then donated three barrels of grog to the elected pirates he was entertaining, so they too could bath in the essence of pure greed.

Meanwhile the workers working went to bed that night wondering why the price of crusty, almost moldy bread had increased. . .