Is, In My Opinion, an excellent site for setting up a site with ease and simplicity!
I have, over the years, put up a number of sites, on a variety of webhosts, and is the most easiest I have used to date.
It beats any other format I have seen hands down.
It is most excellent!
The multipul different formats that are offered are all like a leonardo painting, done by a master programer or 20 master programmers, they have done good. They have “Brought humanity to the web, ” (And you may quote me on that!), outdone depak churpra(sorry if I spelt it wrong, and may have made it so everlasting peace may finally have a day or too to reign on this planet. . .
WTG (Way to go) you people at . You are people arn’t you? I only ask, because I thought it was only those non-mortal winged ones, with glowing halos, that brought such goodness and wonders to us mere mortals named: humanity. . .