Could maybe clean the snow from the streets of Edmonton, better than the current city council can. After all
brought ease to blogging, and may bring world peace to the planet named Earth for a day or two. Now, I do not know if you’ve ever looked at the coding for a web site, but it just may be Alien text or Sasquatch text, it is so complicated. And you can not make any typos like i constantly make, oh, no, then those web pages would not function properly.
So In My Opinion, because of trach records,
would probably do a far far better job of removing the snow from Edmonton streets than the current Edmonton City council.
Two Billion per year and they can not remove the snow? sounds like a scamdel or something as dastardly is happening there. . .

Maybe that City council is off bathing in barrels of pure Grog, while dining with Pirates, or maybe they are trying to catch a Sasquatch, just to show that it is as easy to catch a Sasquatch, as it is to lower the wages of City council and the mayor. . . but we all know it is easy to catch that Sasquatch. . . live. . . , than to get the mayor and council to lower thier wages, and put those saving to cleaning the Edmonton streets of ice, slush and snow. . .