No matter what you use to believe, Scientific Theism is your religion!
Yes, your label is invalid.
Scientific Theism is your religion because of the nature of truth.
This link has more on truth.
And here why your religion is actually Scientific Theism.
Although objective truth exists, what ever the truth you believe to be true, our minds do not percieve it to be so, untill our mind recieves enough subjective evidence to make that leap of reasoning to what it believe the objective truth to be.

Example: You sit down in front of a computer, turn it on, (subjective evidence of touch, and sound) click the internet icon with the mouse, and start surfing the web. you percieve web pages from light emitted fron the monitor that hits cells in your eyes and is tranmitted to a nerve impulse that goes to the brain where it is translated in to the thought that there is text upon the monitor, this is subjective evidence of text with typos upon the screen.
enough of this subjective evidence lets your mind make a leap of reasoning to the factual objective truth that you are surfing the internet and reading text about what truth is!

It does not matter what truth, your minds arrives at that truth in the same way as it does with everything it percieves as objective truth. (Yes, atheism is a belief system, usually unorganized, it uses the belief of willful suspension of facts to arrive at the belief of atheism. ) All religous beliefs arrive at thier belief this way. Which is why your are really a Scientific Theist, no matter your belief before you read this. You mind percieved evidence( from a book, a friend, a dream, something that happened, etc) your mind then used that evidence to make a leap of reasoning to what it believes to be the truth about religion.
The problem though, is most people tend to use books of man, written by man, for man. And most of those books were written millenium ago, when those book writters had to walk ten miles to school and ten miles home after school, and it was uphill both ways! And they had to milk a herd of cows on the way there, and chop a field of hay on the way back!

Far far better In My Opinion, is to use self evident truths to define what truth is. No matter the truth that we seek. This is how text appears upon the monitor, and how we can see that peace is better than global thermonuclear conflict.

When myth and legend are portrayed as being truth, humanity gets wonderous things like conflict, war, serial killing physcos, totalitarian dictators hell bent on world domination and other such horrors and nightmares. Proof of this is how so many rivers of blood have run upon the lands everywhere in the name of my myth is greater than your myth.

Beyond the Myth is truth. Truth works. Truth brings us wonderous things like technology, a 5 day work week. and the ability to stop and smile, while enjoying the beauty of a wild flower blooming in the forest.

this is how I view it In My Opinion.
There is mountain ranges in Canada where I live. These mountain ranges are called the rocky mountains, and rocky they are. Mt Terry Fox, Mt Robson, Golden ears, Upper and lower frazer valleys, to name just a few of the splended majestic peaks of these ranges. Valleys with fresh clean flowing waters, ringed by a crown of earthy wonders, tall, proud, silent, sentinels, atop the loft of the valleys floors. Numerous valleys, almost beyond count. To visit all the wonderful places there in these rocky mountains, would take 4 or five lifetimes in my opinion. And though the next valley looks a bit like the one on the other side of the craigy ice capped mountain ranges, it is always different and filled with wonders of nature, that should always be there. In most valleys, at the bottom fresh water rivers, where I hear the riverman swims once in a while, fresh flowing waters surrounded by trees and grasses and shrubs and mosses and such. a rainbowe colored summer shades of grren green plants with a growing multitude of rainbowed flowers. slowly running out, up the mountains rugged side to the top, where ice and wind rule the peaks all year long in places. And all over is all kinds of critters, enjoying the tres, waters, airs, and mountains, just like they should. In different valleys sometimes dwells different creatures, and different trees and such.

And where mankind does dwell, the valley is usually different than where just nature dwells. Where we are, are all kinds of farms. Fish farms, ginsing farms, berrie farms, fruit farms, hourse farms, cow and chicken farms, heck there is even tourist farms in some valleys. Usually what grows in the valleys where man dwells depends on various things, like the yearly tempature, rain fall and such things like if the river man has been there or not. And it ends up that each valley where we live is just like the valleys where we do not live. Each place a little bit different than the next.

And over all these tall ice capped Rockey mountain peaks that ring the valleys like an ancient crown, is the sun. It sheds light down upon the mountains and all the different valleys enableing the trees to grow, the birds to sing, the waters to flow, and us people to live there. Glorious and enobling this thing we name our sun, that sheds down such a great thing as light for free to all who need it.

In My Opinion, I look at these Rockey Mountains, is how in a way I view religions. For to me each religion is as a valley in the rocky mountains. Over here is the valley named Christian, and next to it over the mountain peaks is the valley named Muslim. And of course there is a Pagan valley, a wicca valley, a Mormon valley, a buddhist valley, an atheist valley, a theist valley, a chrishna valley and on and on and on. So many valleys they are all most beyond count. And to visit each one of them would In My Opinion take four or five lifetimes.

And in each of these valleys there is usually at the bottom a clear flowing stream of crystal cool waters, and there is of course trees and such growing up the rugged sides of the tall steep craigs. With a majestic crown of cold capped ice on top. With all kids of critters enjoying the valley, just like they should.

Over all these valleys shines the sun. Enableing them all to be filled with trees and mosses and such, and flowing waters, and critters that live there.

I try to not dwell in any valley. For that may lead to one thinking the valley they live in is all there is, and that the mountains are too tall, and too cold at the top to climb over.

Instead I recognize that it is not the valley below that gives and enables the life to live there. Instead it is the sun above shedding the light down for free to all the valleys that enable the valleys to be filled with life and flowing waters and such.

This Bright burning Orb of flowing light, high in the sky, that is what I see. When I try to describe it with things like text about tall mountains, my words they are pale in comparision, like a ghost to me. And I totally, utterly, miserably fail at trying to describe what I am trying to describe.

I call this following story, “the story of This also is in my opinion too. Pardon the pun. ”

One day onto a farm I walked, and there, there many trees planted by the farm owner. It was amazing the many different variaties there were of trees, upon the farmers land. at the entrance were tall tall surgar maples, which gave forth fine maple syrup, which made many a tastebud happy. And next to those were sweet pinnaple plants, pinnaples that were so sweet and juciy that they brought many a fine smile to bellies here and there. And from there were all kinds of fruit trees, lemon trees 100 feet tall, that just dropped ripe fruit to the ground, day after day. And Oranges 4 feet wide that were tastier than rainobws, also fell from the limbs of grand tall orange trees. There was lime trees two hundred feet tall, and mangos next to short coconut ones. On and they went on this Farmers land. Fruit trees of every kind.

Also present on the land were nut trees. walnuts of darkest hues, with crunchy nuts that dropped to the ground all year round. chessnut trees, and almond trees, and pecans and more. Some said(well I heard Trooth say it once) that there upon that farmers land were every kind of tree that fruits or nuts or berries that all could eat.

Over time the Legend of the farmers family grew. They became the caretakers of the trees of food on the land of plenty where they lived. And everyone came from all over to taste of the fruits of all the trees. And most people who ate of the trees came to have favorite trees. Some perfered pinnaple. Others liked oranges, some people like almonds best, still more perfered apples. And so it went each person soon had thier favorite tree. and they would raise their children and always take thier children to the tree which was their favorite. And over time families came to each have thier favorite tasting tree, which they would visit to get food for feasts. And soon after time, everyone was a arguing over which tree was the tasties. arguing over which tree was the best, the tallest, had the most food, the greenest leaves, feed the most, and all kinds of other things.

But all of them, every single one of them that had their favorite tree, did always thank the farmers family in thier own special ways for planting and taking care of the tree which they thought was the best or tallest or mostest tree there was.

Though the farmers family thought the praise and thanks were nice, they knew that it was the earth and sun and rain and air and that which made it so a tree and farmers and such could be that really deserved the praise and thanks, not the farmer or the trees.

If you do not see what I show, you are blind
If you are blind and If you do not hear what I say, you are deaf
If you are deaf and If you do not taste what is in these words, you have no tounge
If you have no tounge and If you can not feel the texture of these words then you have no feelings.
If you have no feelings, then you are truely trapped inside tall tall walls of the opinions of upbringing, and then all you have left, is your, your smell.
If you never climb over these tall steep cliffs, then you will never know what truth is and you will never enter the hall of Vallhalla and feast with Odin(or whatever terminology you wish to put here for that which happens after what you are experiancing right now(life) ends)

the above which I wrote is an allegoric? view of Religions of the Old Milleniums, the religions of myths are like the valleys in the mountains or the different trees on the farm.

sometimes we forget we can climb or that we can eat different things that are just as tasty as what we normally eat.

when it comes to quesitons on things like What is good? is there a Deity? I myself find that it is far far better to use that which science finds to base answers on than to use the opinions of Myth.

Opinions of Myth is things like:

Jesus is the sod of God and part of the trinity who died on the cross for our sins.
This can only be proven by quotation of the bible. it is opinion.
There is only Allah and Mohammed is the message of Allah
This also can only be proven true by the quotation of Myth.
Odin is the one true King of Gods.
this also can only be proven true by the quotation of Myth.

you can not prove anything to be absolutely true, there is always the possibility your wrong.
this can only be proven true by the opinion of you could possible be wrong, a circular retorical argument.

where as the self evident truth of E=mc2 or the theory of gravity or the theory of electricty or the theory of gravity can always be found by anything anywhere at anytime.

When it involves questions of such a profound nature, rather than trusting the always conflicting opinions of Myth as evidence in such questions, I would rather trust that which science has found is finding and will continue to find: Truth.