This fall, when the leafs blow in the winds
And your wondering if the snow removal program
will be as wretched as it was this winter, and why it is easier to catch a sasquatch live, than to get city council to lower thier wages, perks and privledges Or wondering why could probably do a better snow removal job than city council, or why Mr Diotte, can come up with new snow removal ideas, just by listening to the people, when the Mayor Scamdel can not:

Remember to vote for me, Dave Dowling for mayor of Edmonton.
I will lower the mayors wages to a rreasonable wage, and put the savings to snow removal.
As Mayor I would even get out there and drive a snow removal vehicle myself.
Imagine that, a Mayor that works! 🙂
And in your imagination, is probably the only place you ever will see a Mayor of Edmonton working, unless of course, you tell your family, friends, aquatinces, and enemies:
to VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton.