After reading the online version of the Edmonton Sun, My fav, online Edmonton newspaper, as they are free like, my fav web bloging site I decided to write the following letter to them (Edmonton Sun,) that they will probably never publish.

Dear Editors, or whomever.

After reading your online article at:

I have decided to answer your challange.
The Kyoto accord can be met. And Kyoto can be exceeded without making the overtaxed voter pay more for gas and heating the house in winter. Surpluses. With good fiscal management there will be surpluses for years. Those surpluses can be increased by chopping politicians wages down to reasonable levels of 20,000 to 40,000 per year, instead of the outragous figures they now are. Instead of giving that $ Ten billion surplus to the bill collectors every year, use 1/2 of the surplus to make the country more environmentally friendly, with tax incentives for Corporations to set up to produce environmentally friendly cars and house upgrades, and tax incentives for the homeowner and car owner to purchase those environmentally friendly products that the world so desperately needs. Put 1/4 of that surplus to ending poverty and such social diseases. and then put 15 % towards other givernment projects, which would leave ten poorcent of that surplus for the greedy pirate bill collectors, who should be put last on the list of where to spend the surpluses, as there is already money budgeted for them in every budget. First on that list of where to spend surpluses, should be the excellent people of the mighty Nation of Alberta and the air, waters and such that they consume.

Alberta Bloc Leader, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton:
Dave Dowling.

Kyoto can easily be exceeded. If hemp prohibition were ended, there would be an additional 2 billion per year to spend on making Alberta the environmentally friendly leader of the planet.
UNfortuneateally Our Governments would rather spend that 2 billion per year locking up the sons and daughters of Alberta with serial killers, rapists and such, rather than make sure we all have clean air to breath, clear waters to drink, and non toxic food to eat.
And that is sad, for Alberta is suppose to be a leader of something, but the only thing it looks like we lead at is sending billions to pirates out east.
Alberta: land of the overtaxed voter.