Purchasing power is what the money will buy. Threw inflationary tactics that cause the price of bread to increase, while wages do not increase, the price of bread has drasticley increased since the sixties. In the sixties a worker working to create wealth could work for one hour at minimum wage and earn 95 cents. With that 95 cents the worker who was working for one hour could go down to the bakery and buy ten loafs of the finest bread for that 95 cents, because way back when in the sixties that 95 cents has lots of purchasing power.

To buy those same ten loafs of bread today, the worker working would need between 20 to 30 dollers! That is a decline in the purchasing power of the minimum wage. For the minimum wage would never buy ten loafs of bread today. If the Minimum wage had the same purchasing power as the minimum wage of the sixties the minimum wage today, would be around $20.

That is a major decrease in the minimum wage, that is getting worse all the time. For inflation happens every year, yet the minimum wage seams to only go up every ten years or so. and then it only goes up pennies instead of going up quarters and dollers. this decrease in the purchasing power of the minimum wage that has been happening since the sixties could be one the Big reasons why there is so many working poor, homeless people, high crime and poverty rates.

I believe it has been said before that the lack of money is the root of all evil. After all look at how most pirates in government always seam to be lacking money and wanting to pillage more of it. For proof of this just look at how the different pirates in government have never lowered thier wages, and always increased thier wages, while caring not a bit about those on minimum wages.

Perhaps elected officials need the same rates as people on social assistance.
And that just may be harder than catching a live sasquatch.