Yes, Edmonton City council gets paid more than 4 average peoples wages put together. that is each council member. The Mayor gets something like ten times the average persons wages.

About $2 million a year is spent on thier wages, perks and privledges.
If that was cut to $20,000 per councilor and $25,000 for the uppity mayors, that would be 245,000 per year in wages. This would result in savings of $1.5 million.

$1.5 million per year could be put towards buying solar panels and installing them on city buildings, city schools, and to power city street lights at night, and electric snow cleaners in the winter!

Now, Canadian tire, sells solar panels. In fact according to last weeks flyer, a 12 watt folding solar panel sells for $179.99. Governments get all gst back that they spend. And I am sure if the government was to be spending $1 million on solar panels they could get a discount and Probably get those 12 watt folding solar panels for $150.00 per panel! (volume discount)
Now, $1 million dollars divided by $150 per panel is equal to 6,666.6666666666666 Panels, 12 watt folding solar panels!
6,666.666666666666666 solar panels times twelve watts is equal to 80,000 watts of pure, clean, environmental friendly, power.
In two years, it would be 160,000 watts of power, and one million spent on electric snow cleaning machines! 3 years, it’s up to 240,000 watts of environmentally friendly electric power generating and 1.5 million worth of electric snow cleaning machines to keep the streets of Edmonton clean and safe all winter long. . .

Of course though, the problem in all of this is: It is far far easier to catch a live Sasquatch than to get the Mayor and council of Edmonton to lower thier wages and put those savings to good things, like being a leader of the world in Democracy and snow removal and environmentally friendly electric power generating.