In My Opinion, the following will probably get them all going rabid over at the University of Alberta, as I have no degree from that University. Why , I can almost hear the gossipy whispering at the prez’s office. . .
But anyways, I , Dave Dowling, Brave, unemployed, cadidate for mayor of Edmonton, shall go on with the explaination , complete with my mighty typos. . . of the tale of the 1/2 filled or 1/2 empty cup!

Imagine a hypothetical clear cup, carved from a diamond. A diamond pillaged from a pirates chest of loot. A Crystal cup splarkling with a liquid that glistens with the light of distant stars in the night sky. A Liquid that could be Ambrosa of the Deities, that depentant on the mind frame of the observer, is either making that diamond crystal cup that sparkles 1/2 empty, or 1/2 filled, with a sparkling clear non-polluted liquid, fit for a mortal human to drink. . .
This is of course the old way, of the old millenium, to look at such a profound cup of uncalculateable worth. This old way of 1/2 filled or 1/2 empty, is of course an illusion, of the old millenium ways. . . for the cup, carved from a single flawless blue diamond, is always full!
For here on planet earth, at sea level, the verifiable observations of Science show us that although 1/2 of the cup is filled with liquid, the other 1/2 is filled with air! Even in the vast emptyness of Outerspace, where the Sasquatches, that are easier to catch that to get politicians to lower thier wages, roam, the cup is filled with the almost nothingness of outerspace!
Science shows us through relativity, that all is interconnected, and there is no mythical 1/2 cup of nothing, for the nothing would be occupying 1/2 of the volume of the cup!
No matter what you put in the cup, and no matter how much of it you put in the cup, the cup is always and totally full of something.
Even if you put a total vacum, more empty that the wails of deamons in hell in 1/2 of the cup, the cup would still be absolutely filled to the brim with stuff. And even if you created a total vacume in all the volume of the cup, the cup would still be overflowing with nothing. And then, it would p[robably create some Zero Point Energy!
Has an image of a theorietical Acoustic enduced zero point energy powered Computer, that can make photons take a ninety degree turn with no energy loss!
Imagine that.
I believe the zero point energy system works because of those self evident truths that every particle everywhere must obey.
Self evident truths are things like the U of A charges too much, and is too totalitarian in student relationships, e=mc^2, the laws of thermodynamics, the law of gravity, etc, and the now revealed self evident truth that the cup is alway full.
Remember Samarasekera, and the rest:

like a lot of stuff, you read it here first!, and that is yet another of many good and excellent reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.