I, Dave Dowling, am bold and brave, and know we need to do more to: make sure our airs are clean, and fit to breath; that our waters are clear and clean and refreshing to drink; And our foods are free of contaminants and tasty to eat.
Proof of this is this web blog, full of posts, that you would never see posted by an Old Millenium politician. more proof is my personal web site, and of course the Alberta Bloc web site.

During Elections where I am a Candidate, I do not partake in the destruction of a forest for spam, I campaign with no large signs made of trees that end up in the landfill, nor do I bilk the overtaxed voter of excessive amounts of money to spend on spam.
Proof of this is in the financial returns filed with various government elections officials.

Proof of my Bravery and boldness in all over the web, wehere I post with out using a spell checker or typo editor! Who else does so ,and posts such horrendus typos and grammar errors?
Probably no one else, that is who.
Why? Typos and grammar mistakes are editors works, I myself perfer to make those rare masterpieces complete with all the mistakes, like this post, and leave the bickering over editing of typos to the editors that can not write such wonderous enobling prose filled posts.
Plus I have a hand that is rather disabled, due to injuries and surguries, that makes more typos for me that I care to make! Oh, well , such is life at times for some.

I decided to run for election as the current representatives do nothing, but tow the party line, or waste the taxpayers monies on white elephant projects. Taxation with no representation is wrong. On top of this, the current elected ones, have no vision, no plans, no way to solve most of our problems that we face.
All they seam to do is the old millenium ways of the pirates. They up thier wages, up thier perks, and privledges, and give the overtaxed voter the bill for it all. Thier wages go up, while the majorities go down, due to inflationary tactics.
They had at least 50 years to fix the environment, give us more rights and freedoms, but all they have done is the opposite. They have helped wreak the environment, taken away freedoms and rights, and act like righty winged totalitarian dictatorship pirates. We do not need more of that. We need more people like me, standing up for the forests, air and waters and us people!

This is the eighth year in the decade of the noughties in the new millenium, and this election, don’t vote like an old millenium sheeple fed a diet of pure spam for the tree killer crew, Vote like a sentient intellignet being for a real human, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.