Shows that there is plans by political parties to save the forests.
Forests are important in my life. I have no idea if you like them, but I like trees. It is most excellent to go vacationing amongst them for a day or two. Whizzing down the ski slopes or camping in the valley down below, both are rather fun In My Opinion.

And In My Opinion is what matters here. For this is the web blog of Dave Dowling, your # 1 Choice on the ballot for four elections in a row! Federal, Municipal, Provincial, Federal! And possibly 5 in a row. And I am not just ssaying so, because the surname of Dowling was first alphabetical on the ballot!
No, I text so, because it is so.
Proof of this, is how I demand elected officials wages, perks and privileges be lowered. More proof is how I demand such savings be put towards fighting poverty and the dirtying up of the environment.

Yes, the best way to preserve the environment is to support those that do so. Make sure you research who you vote for. Make sure they are not pirates ready to spend your tax dollars on barrels of grog to bathe in. When such keep getting into office, election after election, we have what we have.
What we have is dirty waters, brown airs, and foods so full of toxic substances
, that when four members of parliment were tested for them they all have 40 or more such substances in thier dirty toxic filled bodies. Those bodies of all mps are dirty and filled with toxic substances because they supported laws that let it be so.