February 2007

No Pirates in politics please
Once again the Alberta provincial government and pirating out east federal government will have Oil fueled surpluses, but the people of the great nation of Alberta will see those surpluses squandered. Probably squandered on over priced barrels of Grog for some foul smelling pirates to bath in.

Surpluses in the $5 to 10 $ Billion $ dollar range, and all the people of Alberta will probably get is some over priced white elephant projects so some pirates can swill some cost overruns into stealth swiss pirate boats!

And still the Oil fueled surpluses in the Billions is not enough. They want to tenfold Oil production in Alberta with complete disreguard for the environment for the pirate quest of greed.

I have no idea what they need 50 to 100 $Billion dollar surpluses, or if they will even get them. Perhaps it will all be given away to Oil pirates with the lowest in the world oil royalty rates.

Even hard to spell Venezula renegotiated their lowest in the world oil royalty rates to a reasonable 20%, so that Alberta now has the title of having the Number one lowest in the known Universe Oil Royalty rates. And the people of that country actually get things! Things like free schools, lowered guzzoline prices and a leader that tells Oil pirates to anti up for the people!

Unlike Ed whatshisname, or the priate Stevils of Quebec. those people just seam to say :Haaarrrrrrr, 4 points to star board matie, thars an ovetaxed voters pockets contents that needs savings from drownings! Don’t worry about the overtaxed voter, inheritance tax will reap lots of loot! Arrrrr, pass the grog and Harperpoon that overtaxed voter who will make good shark bait, and sharks can be squeeeeezzed for Oil! Oil which can be sold to the Oil Pirates! Oil pirates who can water that oil down and sell it for to the overtaxed voter for Billions in profits!

And of course Edmontons Mayor just lets these Scamdels happen, and shows no leadership by standing up and asking Ed whatshisname and the stevils of Quebec “Where is Edmontons share of the pirate loot? (Your taxed dollars.)

Another of a multitude of reasons to
Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton!


No Pirates in politics please
I’m not sure if the Pirates at city council know that Edmonton needs some low cost housing! With the wages those councilors and Mayor gets, they just may figure everyone can afford that 1/2 million dollar house to live in. Sorry pirates. But there is poor people in Edmonton.

The latest pirate rumor mongering mill has it that; the next white-elephant boondoggle project for Edmonton, just may be another arena downtown. Probably one where the poor, the homeless, the sick, the downtrodden and the injured fight to the death for the entertainment of drooling greed filled pirates.


Shows how council may want to act like pirates of yore and pillage $ One Billion $ for a sports arena in the downtown area.
Now I have no idea how may dwelling sthey will have to destroy to put a big over expensive arena in the downtown area, where there is really no room for it, no roads to go to it. Nor is there waters mains there for such a behemoth of a white elephant construction project.
Electrical lines would have to be put in, telephone lines, and a slew of other things would probably guarentee cost overruns would put it up in the Billions!

“Mayor Stephen Mandel is keen to see a committee struck to come up with some hard figures and proposed designs” Quote from article linked to.

Yes it seams the pirate captin is allready to squander lots of overtaxed voters money on just studying the idea, probably to see how much loot from such large and excessive cost over-runs can be siphoned off into the local pirates swiss banking boats.

Pay raises up the ying yangs and the best the council and Mayor can come up with is: another tax gobbling white elephant project that only benifits the pirates? How

    S A D.

that truly is.

Perhaps Mayor Scamdell should visit this web blog for a real plan to squander a big Billion of the overtaxed voters monies and spend all that loot on low cost housing.

For a $$ Billion Dollars $$ you should be able to put up enough low cost housing so there is never ever again, another homeless person ever again here in Edmonton.

But it seams that pirates only care about pillage and loot, and that compassion, homeless, poverty, the environment and charity and good hearted nature and such stuff are things that only Dave Dowling, your number one choice for Mayor of Edmonton cares about.

Click here for pirate proof from the media!

This stark report of high piratearing cleary shows those pirates at city hall in Edmonton, the capital of high piratesea, are pirating , pillagin’, looting and grabing as much as they can.

And then they say they are not, and they are paying large tax dollar to boot to say so! The pirate proof from the media shows this to be so.

Almost the highest taxes. . .
The least amount of snow removal, for the most amount of money. . .
Raise after raises . . . for the pirates and pirate captin. . .
you will have to read the KRAKEN ROARS for the reason of the spelling of Captin.
More proof of the pirates pirateering!

There is a way to stop the pirates pillaging!
There is a way to stop the pirates looting!
There is a way to stop the pirates beaking off like a parrot with nothing but fowl language to spew. . .
There is a way to lower the pirates wages!
There is a way to lower the taxes!
There is a way to remove more snow!
There is a way to vanquish the Pirates.
And that way is to Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton!

anything else. .. is just a vote for more pirateering. . .

Wow-zers indeed.
Is the thought that comes to mind when thinking about how that 13 % pay raise for the Mayor of Edmonton does less than nothing for snow removal. Less than nothing is the over $13,000 that could have been put towards snow removal. The warm weather once again, did a better job of cleaning the Edmonton Streets.
$13,000 may seam like chump change to a pirate pillaging the overtaxed voter, but a 13 % pay raise, which is what the Mayor gets , is over $13,000 dollars, is more than twice what a welfare recipient in Edmonton gets.
More than twice what someone on welfare gets. How sham-full! That $13,000 could have bought all the bread for a food bank in a year, but of course, the greedy pirates that are allready getting outragous and Scamdelous wages really do not care about; taxes; clean streets; nor poverty.
Instead they only seam to care about stuffing thou$and$ of Dollar$ in their pocket$.

At the expense of the overtaxed voter. The overtaxed Voter allows the council members to win an election lotto! There is a problem when the employee decides what their wages are. And that is what the Mayor is, the employee working for All of Edmonton. Where else do you get wages like the Mayor gets for never working? Where else do you get a wage increase that is more than double what a welfare victim gets? Only at the lotto booth is where!

Wow-zers indeed. One of many words that say “Vote Dave DOwling” for Mayor of Edmonton!

The following is dedicated to the letter a. The first of many letters. . . And all those police in Edmonton schools that do so much to help students learn, and even more to serve and protect us all . .

The waves, the waves reached to the clouds
in the storm churned skies.
And the wind, the wind howled like a demon caught in a trap.

And the pirate in charge, th epirate captin listed at the helm,
gripped the wheel with both hands.

CRASH went a wave
FLASH went some lightning
BOOM went the thunder
And Lurch went the pirates heart
as he momentarily
thought of the nightmare. . . .

A Kraken of the deep, quested to challenge pirates thought the pirate.

“Arrr, third swab” cursed the pirate in a gravely voice
” bring me two bottles of grog, and get the first mate to pilot for a while
I got to go count the loot and swill some grog down my beak!”

“Arrrrr” griped the third swap and he went off to do the pirate captins bidding. . .

“Arrr” barked the pirate captin and he lurched off to his quarters to count the loot and swill the grog, in a half attempt to forget about the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas. . . The Kraken of the deep. . . .

one and a half bottles of grog latter, the pirate captin was having thoughts of bathing in a fabled barrel of the essence of pure grog. . . and once in a while screaming “ARRrrrrRRRR” at the starting to spin room walls, when the pirate captin remebered first hearing of the dreaded quested KRAKEN OF THE DEEP!

It was way back . . . way back when in the decade of the noughties, and naughty they had been indeed. With 1/2 million dollar campaign budgets, 13% wage increases, increases in office budgets, increases in property taxes, and increases in the amount of time ice covered the streets, and increaces in the amount of Scamdels that happened, like 13 million spent on a park of concrete! Yes it way back then in history, that the pirate Captin was a groging down at a certain ovetime establishment of grog serving that the pirate captin first heard of the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas. The pirate captin then was just a second deck swap, underworked and overpaid as most pirates are, when he heard from the person codenamed deepthoughts about the the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP!

In half whispers, in a darkened corner over a table covered in grog stains, the futire pirate captin heard how the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP was a land critter! A land critter that walked on two legs! Rumor mongering had it that the the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP
was fourty feet tall! The rmor mongering mill also had it that the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP had two arms! Two arms the size of freight trains! and with just its bellow, the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP could cause ships to sink, mountains to quake and pirates to fall down and loose thier sea legs( the ability to walk on a ship pitching to and fro in a storm churned sea.)
The most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP, according to the established pirate rumor mongering mill, could walk on water! Eat hot coals! Breath smoke that burned! and shoot flaming balls of fire from its arse hole that burned entire forests and towns down to ashes that drifted away on the winds!
The most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP acording to the rumormongering mill could eat seventy seven pirates at one meal! And it was rumor mongered to be able to pull miracles from its two nostrils, like a sick pirate blowing snot from his beak.

But it was not all of that that scared the pirate captin and gave him nightmares. . . Oh no it was not that.
Nor was it the seven bottles of grog swilled by the pirate captin every day , that gave him nightmares scary beyojnd belief. Oh no, it was not the swill.
Nor was it the dirty underwear the pirate wore, once it(the pirates underwear) was white, snow white. But after seven years of stains with no washing, it was black. Black as the heart of an ugly bald pirate, with anger at hair lost coursing threw his veins.
On no, it was not the stains.

No it was the Rumor that put the fear of a farm raised chicken in the pirate captins small little and very tiny heart.
Oh yes. . . it was the rumor.

The rumor that the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP had challenged the pirate captin to

Three round in the ring
no holds barred
UFC rules
Winner get to donate all proceeds to the charity of hs choice.
Looser wears a clown suit for the entire election and has to say I wam wearing the clown suit because I lost to the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP. . . .

Arrrr media maties.
reach into those chests. .
book the hall
rent the ring
Issue the invitations
And I promise , the most dreaded meteorlogical phenomina of the eight seas, the KRAKEN OF THE DEEP will be there.
I have a feeling though, that the pirate captin will be off in the warm southern seas on that day. . . . I would have spelt it captain, but the pirate captin wears no crown of victory gold. He wears a cap of tin. Captin.

This Tale of the Pirates Nightmare is brought to you by your Mayor of Edmonton candidate number one creative writter, (proof is in the editors choice award from the international library of poetry): Dave Dowling.

Yes Indeed,
As this is election year for Mayor of Edmonton,
and the Campaigning has already started,
I Dave Dowling your #1 Candidate for ?Mayor of Edmonton
have issned, posted and Emailed some media
about the controversial Challenge of the Mayor Election!
That challenge is brave, bold and ever so issued.

Like a Knight of ancient legend
I have picked up that 40 pounder
gauntlet of ringed iron mail
and put into it my
good hand
and slapped that contender
across the face
just like it is suppose to be done!
(bravo goes some of the crowd, boo goes some others and some just stand and stare)

Yes the challenge is issued
the challenge is posted
and the challenge is waiting to be accepted. . .

I will of course keep all posted
as to if he is a bluck, bluck, you know what

Or a real contender. . . which I doubt.

My prediction is the scamdel refuses . . .

Fixed civic election day is of course in the fall!
Those councilors and mayor could have picked a warm summer day to have fixed election dates. But they did choose,
a day that is usually cold, and snowy.
Because election records show,
less people vote on cold snowy days.
How very undemocratic of those pirates, picking a day when less people will vote.
It has the smelling of a pirating scamdel to it!
Yes, way back, when the current pirate at the helm, of the ship named edmonton,
was just a councilor swabing the deck,
He helped rig that dastardly pirate trick of
having elections when the weather is cold.
I have no idea how their date was picked.

Perhaps it was the anniversary of the day grog was invented
or the jolly roger first raised,
with the bones of an overtaxed voter
picked clean by the property tax collector
and sowen to the dirty stained black,
white underwear of a pirate!

Of course the added bonus of less people voting on such a wintery day
probably only helped,
as pirates do not like everyone voting.

Pirates like calling 16% of the voters an overwhelming majority that givers them a clear mandate to loot and pillage like a pirate!Proof of this is in the bloated wages, the exhorbant perks, the outragous offices budgets, the Big Money expense accounts, and the perks that wring the bills and coins from the overtaxed voters wallets and purses. And of course more proof is in how the pirates swagger around saying they earned every penny of it!

Arrr, pass the grog and bucket of overtaxed voters loot and four points to starboard matey, thars a pirate party over there, complete with drugged out dancing girlies, and I hear the pirate police chief is supplying the illegal party favorites and social services is supplying the dancers!

Fixed elections on a cold day from hell, just another of the multitude of reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!

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