Now we all know Scamdel has said how he is a running for Mayor of Edmonton this year, against your number one choice on the ballot, Dave Dowling. Number one due to state of the art, top of the line platform, one must endorse Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton, just based on websites.

For proof of this, here today, I , Dave Dowling, shall boldy and bravely do something no other Candidate did in the last elections, And In My Opinion, no Candidate but I will probably do this in the next election for Mayor of Edmonton.
I shall list the web address for my opponite for Mayor of Edmonton to show you all that I, Dave Dowling am your #1 choice for Mayor of Edmonton!
Has a bunch of website security certificate problems.

I , Dave Dowling, by my self, am maintaining this web blog, and wonder if Scamdel even knows what a blog is? and my own web site I do so with my own money and own time and own work. I hire no slaves at menial wages to do my own work. . . Like some do. . .

Yes, This site is filled with relevent content, comments, posts, and images! but at the Scamdels site, THe Web browser tells you” We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. “

How shocking! How, so old millenium. THis revelation makes one wonder: Can the Mayor use a computer? Does Scamdel know what a modem is? Can he make his own web site? Can he even turn a computer on and know how to click to a website? Does he even know what HTML is?

When (Scamdels, not this one) web site is showing the big red and white X and saying “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.. .. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website”
Allthough I may make typos and grammer errors galore: If you soley use websites as your informative choice on who to vote for at the ballot booth in Edmonton this fall,

There is clearly but one choice, Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton in 2007!