Yes, it is ever so true. All wealth, every single bit and drop of it, is created by a worker working.
A double greese burger flipper is working full time at the corporate greese slinging joint, flipping double greese burgers and slinging greesy fries, with allmost toxic drinks, they are so filled with white refine sugar.
The double greese burger flipper is of course getting paid minimum wage. This is almost just enough for the double greese burger flipper to starve to death. With the welfare check , and the odd twenty or so from the parental units, enable the double greese burger flipper to almost live like a human.
Meanwhile back at corporate greese slinging joint headquarters, where they own the means of production, like the place where the restraunt is, the big greese cookers, and the cash registers, they buy so many double greese burgers and greesy fries from the suppliers they get those double greese burgers at 1/20 the cost of minimum wage per hour (the slave starvation rate.)

It only costs 1/20 the price of minimum wage to deep fry those double greese burgers in a big barrel of bubbling steaming hot transfats, and it only cost 1/20th of minimum wage to pay rent, bills and other such stuff.

So for one hour of our double greese burger flippers work, 50 double greese burgers are flipped and slid out the window to the fast food patrons. Those 50 double greese burgers only cost 7 burgers to produce, leaving 43 double greese burger profits!
which works out to 43 times the minimum wage.

That night the corporate owner of the greese burger slinger joint ate a meal of fish flowen in fresh from the antarctica waters, cooked in the rare oils of olives. Fresh Olives run in from Italy on the back of a minimum wage earning runner, who ran all the way from Italy in 3 days, with those Olives packed in glacier ice. Next to the Olive runner, was a minimum wage wine runner, who of course, had run the finest rarest wines in all the way from france. Wine packed in an anti shock basket so it was not shaken!
The meal was topped of with the rares of caviars, and hand churned sea slug ice cream. . . Appearantly they are ever so health and ever so expensive!
While dining on such a heavenly supper with three elected Scamdels, they all bathed in barrels of the essense of pure refined grog. Just like Pirates of Yore! And they all talked about how such essence of refined grog was just the righty thing to keep the skin looking young, and how that latest minimum wage greese burger flipper had drank himself to death, wondering why the minimum wage was just enough to slowly starve to death in such a land of plenty.

Corporations are a scurge upon the workers back that pillage the weath that the worker working creates by owning the means of production, that the worker working works upon to produce wealth. If left unchecked, Corporations would have you paying to work for them(Slavery) This is why There should be better laws to keep corporations in check, and make sure they are contributing to the commen good, and not taking away from it.
Fascism is where such Corporations have the ear of government and reap all the benifits of government and all the minimum wage earner earns from government is the lowering of wages due to inflationary tactics.

Alberta: The Number one supplier of Billions to the east. And like the minimum wage earner in the story above, all we earn for those billions we send east is less than nothing.