Is an amazing new word, created, some say, in the sweet sounding songs of Angels singing! Others though, others believe it to be a spawn from satans lair, here to torment everyone with a new word they will have to learn. .
Allthough some say SCAMDEL is just a gnarly typo, that just may rhyme, with the name of a certain mayor of a certain town. . .. but I believe differently. The International Library of Poetry could probably tell us what does rhyme with the amazingly bold and brave new word, SCAMDEL. SCAMDEL is In My Opinion a brave new BOLD word, hence the boldness in its display, here on this web page!

SCAMDEL Is of course, a new word of the new millenium.
SCAMDEL is a word that represents the constant betrayal of the public by elected officials.

Like some elected officials that say how they will make a change when elected and they do! Like how some elected officials, once in there, will: Increase thier wages, increase thier fellow eleted officials wages, increase thier office budgets, increase the taxes the taxed voter pays, and of course, increase the outrage over plans to legislate morality, like having liquor stores close at 4:20 in the afternoon, or something as similarly more outragous than any typos I have ever or will ever make. . .

SCAMDEL represents how eleted officials want to make it so you have less choice at the ballot, how they want to exclude those they deem not worthy from the democratic process, and how they believe an electronic ballot is more trustworthy than a paper ballot.

SCAMDEL is a word that represents how $$Two Billion $$ a year is collected from the overtaxed property owner, and the city streets can not be cleaned and repaired. And of course it represents how those elected officials have wages that is ten times what the average wage earner earns before the taxes are deducted to pay for such outragous wages at the taxpayers expense.

SCAMDEL represents elected officials buying busses for $400,000 each, and then somehow mysteriously, selling them for only $1. to $500 dollars because they are 40 years old. . . It seams no one cares the scrape metal value alone is worth Thou$and$ per bus. And this new word is also about the eleted ones attitude of it seams, who cares about the environment, lets buy more polluting diseal busses!!!!!!

SCAMDEL could also represent the flagrent waste of taxed payers dollars that are wasted on white elephant project, after white elephant project, like the churchhill park that has all that nice cracking cement, that will cost millions to replace. . . All those millions on just that park, could have bought lots of low cost housing. $ two billion per year. . . and lots of poverty and homeless? another reason for such a new word.

All in all, it looks like this new word SCAMDEL just may be the number one reason to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton in 2007 !