Once again the weather channel was predicting more snow, and it did snow!
And once again the Edmonton city streets are covered in the stuff.
And once again it looks as it the mayors plan for snow removal. . .
Is to wait for warm weather to melt it!
Ooooo, what a plan, what forsight, what brilliance there must be. . .
In the sunshine for it to work!

With a city budget of $2 Billion $ per year wrung from the overtaxed voters pockets
one would think there would be a far superior snow removal plan, than
waiting for spring. . .

A far better plan would be to have snow removal equipment on the from of those hundreds of busses! Or to even have a fleet of snow removal vehicles waiting. . . for the snow!
So they can go forth and plow.
Plow, plow, the streets. Clean so accidents do not happen.
Snow removal should be a priority, due to safety for the citizens of Edmonton, the Capital of the mighty nation of Alberta.
Other cities seam to be able to clean the stuff off the streets better and faster than Edmonton does. Other cities even seam to do so with less money! And some of those other cities are even bigger that Edmonton! Perhaps we could use those citieis snow removal programs as an example to do Edmontons snow removal better. Maybe there is even new machines that could do the job quicker and cheeper.

Or we could even use existing labour that is already bought and paid for !

Example: 12 city councilors and one Edmonton Mayor, running 13 snow removal vehicles at 20 km per hour would result in 260 km of streets cleaned in one hour!
In an 8 hour shift, those 13 council members from Edmonton operating 13 snow removal vehicles could clean. . . 2080 Kilometers of Edmonton city streets of that most dreaded of meteorlogical road conditions. . . icy snow covered streets. In a five day week, they could clean 10,400 kilometers of streets, and actually earn that rather large and excessive paycheck, that comes from the pockets of elderly trying to enjoy retirement, and parents trying to save for thier childrens education and such.

Oooo, Edmonton city councilors and Edmontons mayor working to clean the icy snow covered streets of Edmonton. . . It may be easier to catch a live Sasquatch!And there is another of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!