Mayor of Morality, who got something like, 39% of the 29.4% people who voted, The Scamdel of Edmonton, has now taken it upon himself to berate the average citizen for buying cigarettes. . .
On top of wanting to close all those evil liquor stores, that are just probably selling those twice as evil cigarettes.

Oooo, this may be like a fake pass in football where they try to distrack the other team from the icy snow covered roads leading to the football field!

Or it may be the thin skin is coming off to reveal .. . . the Mayor of morality!
Hopefully the burhka is not legislated in by bylaw.
Is long hair the next issue of morality to be debated in the sacred city hall?
Will the issue of cotton vrs silk be finally legislated into existance?

Or perhaps, the media that attend city hall will be bylawed to wear pink clown suits with painted frowns upon their faces? 😦 All to uphold the morality of legislation for moralities. )

Scamdel already showed he discriminates. He discriminated against those who wish to smoke, he helped legislate the hated filled discriminatory anti-smoking bylaws of morality Edmonton now has.
(Who cares if it is -40 below outside before the windchill factor, you smoke, so go outside and be subjected to inhumane conditions, it is the law, now. ) Laws that may not stand up to a Charter of Rights and Freedoms challange. Meanwhile the Scamdel drives to the office in a big polluting v-12 vehicle, spewing out more polluting in one kilometer of speeding than 4 smokers smoking for life could breathe out.
Take a deep breath now, it is still a few more months until you can:

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.