After reading Mr Diottes article on the latest Edmonton policegate incident, wehre a soical worker gathered up some addicts or ex addicts to use drugs while under the observation of various law enforcement officials, which In My Opinion points out yet another flaw in todays government.
One would wonder how this is helping the clients these social workers are suppose to be helping?

I would also wonder if those people are later followed around by the officers in attendance, as those officers rack up brownie points busting all those people.

Those people are In My Opinion Victims of a system where police and elected politicians and such have more rights that people in the media and everyone else.
That is not Democracy where all are suppose to be equal according to the charter of rights and freedoms, and it reminds me of Diottegate(the bar incident, sorry to bring it up) or whatever that Edmonton police fiasco is now named, and a police force out of control, and almost running amok.

I thought Police are there to serve and protect. And that is not training of any sort for serving and protecting.

Better training would have been watching a police film of a chemical lab being busted. and perhaps a trip to the evidence room, so they can see what those dastardly evil chemicals look like, how they are packaged, and even reading previous cases on how people were under the influence of such horrid stuff. I am sure there is even studies complete with film of before and after, that they could watch. Perhaps those officers in training could even go and visit those places where such chemicals have been found for some training.

This latest of many upon many Edmonton Policegate incidents demands answers to to such questions as: Where was the documents and what was documented? What was the cost to the overtaxed voter? Was there a health professional there and if so what did they do? If not why? Where the heck was the social worker during all of this? Did a judge order a search warrent for social services to find some addicts or ex addicts to abuse in this so called “training?” Or was the search for clients done illegally through nefarious ways and means?

In My Opinion, this is just a evil can of worms that should never of been opened, and it just begs for more questions to be asked.

Having a social worker with the help of the edmonton police, rcmp, solicitor general, and who knows who else?; marginalize, victimize, and probably tramatize clients is not training of any sort. Nor, In My Opinion, is it help in any way, shape or form for someone on social assistance.

Allthough there is probably people in society that would love having police watch them while under the influence, I am sure the majority of Edmontonians would not want police, with no warrent, nor authority to do so, watching them twenty four hours a day. Which is where such wretched, charter infringing, victimizing, behaviour leeds: The Police State.

I also wonder, what was the Mayors involvement in all of this? Did he know? Was he there? Did the Mayor authorize this latest policegate? And why is he ever so silent on it? Questions , questions, questions?

All in all this is just another of the multitude of reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!