Fixed civic election day is of course in the fall!
Those councilors and mayor could have picked a warm summer day to have fixed election dates. But they did choose,
a day that is usually cold, and snowy.
Because election records show,
less people vote on cold snowy days.
How very undemocratic of those pirates, picking a day when less people will vote.
It has the smelling of a pirating scamdel to it!
Yes, way back, when the current pirate at the helm, of the ship named edmonton,
was just a councilor swabing the deck,
He helped rig that dastardly pirate trick of
having elections when the weather is cold.
I have no idea how their date was picked.

Perhaps it was the anniversary of the day grog was invented
or the jolly roger first raised,
with the bones of an overtaxed voter
picked clean by the property tax collector
and sowen to the dirty stained black,
white underwear of a pirate!

Of course the added bonus of less people voting on such a wintery day
probably only helped,
as pirates do not like everyone voting.

Pirates like calling 16% of the voters an overwhelming majority that givers them a clear mandate to loot and pillage like a pirate!Proof of this is in the bloated wages, the exhorbant perks, the outragous offices budgets, the Big Money expense accounts, and the perks that wring the bills and coins from the overtaxed voters wallets and purses. And of course more proof is in how the pirates swagger around saying they earned every penny of it!

Arrr, pass the grog and bucket of overtaxed voters loot and four points to starboard matey, thars a pirate party over there, complete with drugged out dancing girlies, and I hear the pirate police chief is supplying the illegal party favorites and social services is supplying the dancers!

Fixed elections on a cold day from hell, just another of the multitude of reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!