Yes Indeed,
As this is election year for Mayor of Edmonton,
and the Campaigning has already started,
I Dave Dowling your #1 Candidate for ?Mayor of Edmonton
have issned, posted and Emailed some media
about the controversial Challenge of the Mayor Election!
That challenge is brave, bold and ever so issued.

Like a Knight of ancient legend
I have picked up that 40 pounder
gauntlet of ringed iron mail
and put into it my
good hand
and slapped that contender
across the face
just like it is suppose to be done!
(bravo goes some of the crowd, boo goes some others and some just stand and stare)

Yes the challenge is issued
the challenge is posted
and the challenge is waiting to be accepted. . .

I will of course keep all posted
as to if he is a bluck, bluck, you know what

Or a real contender. . . which I doubt.

My prediction is the scamdel refuses . . .