Wow-zers indeed.
Is the thought that comes to mind when thinking about how that 13 % pay raise for the Mayor of Edmonton does less than nothing for snow removal. Less than nothing is the over $13,000 that could have been put towards snow removal. The warm weather once again, did a better job of cleaning the Edmonton Streets.
$13,000 may seam like chump change to a pirate pillaging the overtaxed voter, but a 13 % pay raise, which is what the Mayor gets , is over $13,000 dollars, is more than twice what a welfare recipient in Edmonton gets.
More than twice what someone on welfare gets. How sham-full! That $13,000 could have bought all the bread for a food bank in a year, but of course, the greedy pirates that are allready getting outragous and Scamdelous wages really do not care about; taxes; clean streets; nor poverty.
Instead they only seam to care about stuffing thou$and$ of Dollar$ in their pocket$.

At the expense of the overtaxed voter. The overtaxed Voter allows the council members to win an election lotto! There is a problem when the employee decides what their wages are. And that is what the Mayor is, the employee working for All of Edmonton. Where else do you get wages like the Mayor gets for never working? Where else do you get a wage increase that is more than double what a welfare victim gets? Only at the lotto booth is where!

Wow-zers indeed. One of many words that say “Vote Dave DOwling” for Mayor of Edmonton!