No Pirates in politics please
I’m not sure if the Pirates at city council know that Edmonton needs some low cost housing! With the wages those councilors and Mayor gets, they just may figure everyone can afford that 1/2 million dollar house to live in. Sorry pirates. But there is poor people in Edmonton.

The latest pirate rumor mongering mill has it that; the next white-elephant boondoggle project for Edmonton, just may be another arena downtown. Probably one where the poor, the homeless, the sick, the downtrodden and the injured fight to the death for the entertainment of drooling greed filled pirates.

Shows how council may want to act like pirates of yore and pillage $ One Billion $ for a sports arena in the downtown area.
Now I have no idea how may dwelling sthey will have to destroy to put a big over expensive arena in the downtown area, where there is really no room for it, no roads to go to it. Nor is there waters mains there for such a behemoth of a white elephant construction project.
Electrical lines would have to be put in, telephone lines, and a slew of other things would probably guarentee cost overruns would put it up in the Billions!

“Mayor Stephen Mandel is keen to see a committee struck to come up with some hard figures and proposed designs” Quote from article linked to.

Yes it seams the pirate captin is allready to squander lots of overtaxed voters money on just studying the idea, probably to see how much loot from such large and excessive cost over-runs can be siphoned off into the local pirates swiss banking boats.

Pay raises up the ying yangs and the best the council and Mayor can come up with is: another tax gobbling white elephant project that only benifits the pirates? How

    S A D.

that truly is.

Perhaps Mayor Scamdell should visit this web blog for a real plan to squander a big Billion of the overtaxed voters monies and spend all that loot on low cost housing.

For a $$ Billion Dollars $$ you should be able to put up enough low cost housing so there is never ever again, another homeless person ever again here in Edmonton.

But it seams that pirates only care about pillage and loot, and that compassion, homeless, poverty, the environment and charity and good hearted nature and such stuff are things that only Dave Dowling, your number one choice for Mayor of Edmonton cares about.