No Pirates in politics please
Once again the Alberta provincial government and pirating out east federal government will have Oil fueled surpluses, but the people of the great nation of Alberta will see those surpluses squandered. Probably squandered on over priced barrels of Grog for some foul smelling pirates to bath in.

Surpluses in the $5 to 10 $ Billion $ dollar range, and all the people of Alberta will probably get is some over priced white elephant projects so some pirates can swill some cost overruns into stealth swiss pirate boats!

And still the Oil fueled surpluses in the Billions is not enough. They want to tenfold Oil production in Alberta with complete disreguard for the environment for the pirate quest of greed.

I have no idea what they need 50 to 100 $Billion dollar surpluses, or if they will even get them. Perhaps it will all be given away to Oil pirates with the lowest in the world oil royalty rates.

Even hard to spell Venezula renegotiated their lowest in the world oil royalty rates to a reasonable 20%, so that Alberta now has the title of having the Number one lowest in the known Universe Oil Royalty rates. And the people of that country actually get things! Things like free schools, lowered guzzoline prices and a leader that tells Oil pirates to anti up for the people!

Unlike Ed whatshisname, or the priate Stevils of Quebec. those people just seam to say :Haaarrrrrrr, 4 points to star board matie, thars an ovetaxed voters pockets contents that needs savings from drownings! Don’t worry about the overtaxed voter, inheritance tax will reap lots of loot! Arrrrr, pass the grog and Harperpoon that overtaxed voter who will make good shark bait, and sharks can be squeeeeezzed for Oil! Oil which can be sold to the Oil Pirates! Oil pirates who can water that oil down and sell it for to the overtaxed voter for Billions in profits!

And of course Edmontons Mayor just lets these Scamdels happen, and shows no leadership by standing up and asking Ed whatshisname and the stevils of Quebec “Where is Edmontons share of the pirate loot? (Your taxed dollars.)

Another of a multitude of reasons to
Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton!