March 2007

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Mr. Ryan Jespersen over at cityTV shows how Dave Dowling is so correct, the Scamdels must have nightmares over it all.

It is an excellent short documentary that puts in writting by an acredited news organization how Dave Dowling talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to the benefits of Hemp. it’s great for the brain, eyes, and the rest of the body, because the hemp seed is one of the best food sources on the planet bar none.
this plant is one of the few substances that could actually save the planet! it absorbs carbon dioxide, and can be used to make thousands of products. Dr David Suzuki or someone had a challenge to remove x amount of Carbon Dioxide form the air, well challenged is solved. Legalize it, and grow it for fuel, food, medicine, fiber and whatever else it can be grown for.

removing hemp charges from law enforcement would save the overtaxed Edmonton city voter MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of taxed dollars. It would also save thier children heaps of criminal records, for every year thousands are hAULED OUT OF SCHOOL and charged, charged, charged. Removing hemp charges from law enforcement like amsterdam has done for decades woukld also help restore integrity to law enforcement, and let those professionals who wish to do , to serve and protect the people of Edmonton. I am positive the majority oif the members of the Edmonton City Police force agree with this. For I am sure they would rather serving and protecting all Edmontonians and be going after real criminals than edmontonians children in schools for a plant no more harmful than a pumpkin.

Prohibiiton is a nasty scurge that constantly and consistantly whips the pound of flesh from the overtaxed voters backs to pay for the stain named prohibition. there is no, none, non, scientific evidence that supports prohibition of hemp. In fact all the evidence , including the senate report on it show that: Prohibiiton is a nasty scurge that constantly and consistantly whips the pound of flesh from the overtaxed voters backs to pay for the stain named prohibition.

Edmonton, stop been sheeple, whose children that thee wolfish Scamdels in government prey upon. Stand up this October to be an intelligent sentient being and vote For some real Leadership: Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton.


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the following is from : News Staff

Bees are vanishing across the United States, leaving empty colonies behind and putting honey production in jeopardy — and nobody knows why.

California beekeeper David Bradshaw said he’s trying not to dwell on the fact that half his bees are gone.

“I’d be an emotional mess if I just kept thinking about the bees dying,” he told CTV News.

Experts gathered in Washington Thursday at a House Agriculture Subcommittee, describing the mysterious threat as “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD).

The remains of dead bees usually remain inside a hive, unless worker bees carry their bodies them out. But colonies affected by CCD show no signs of the ailment, aside from a notable absence of mature bees.

It’s possible the affected bees abandon the hive before dying, but scientists have yet to understand why or how.

In the past six months, U.S. beekeepers estimate they have lost between 50 and 90 per cent of their honeybees. One colony can have 60,000 bees in the summer, and that number drops to about 20,000 in the winter.

The condition of Canada’s bees is not fully known, but the U.S. Congress was told it’s likely Canadian hives likely share a similar fate.

“Recently, we have reports out of Canada that they have the exact same symptoms and collapses ongoing there,” said Diana Cox-Foster, a professor of entomology with the Pennsylvania State University.

Scientists, beekeepers and officials started a CCD group in December 2006 to examine the cause of the disorder, and hopefully find a cure.

Not only are bees crucial to the agriculture industry in the production of honey, they also work as pollinators. Roughly 75 per cent of flowering plants require pollinators to bear fruit, including crops that produce the resources needed for drugs and fuel.

. . . ”
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75% of flowering plants need bees to bear fruit!
That is a lot of plants, trees, shrubs and such.
and of course, the Mayor of Edmonton probably has no plan whatsoever to do anything about such a disasterous problem. It looks as if all the research into this environmental disaster is all being done in foreign countries, where they sort of laugh at places like Edmonton that have such a disaster approaching and are doing absolutely less than nothing about it.

Less than nothing is the Mayor getting a raise, a raise of $13,000 Dollars, that is $13,000 that could have gone towards solving this coming environmental disaster.

There is a supposed University of Alberta here in Edmonton, and the Mayor could have made sure, they are studying this problem, but has he? Probably not, because In My Opinion the current Mayor of Edmonton, cares more about the money, than about the bees and flowers. He could have made sure they have a bee room with bees and flowers and such, but has he? the Current Mayor of edmonton could have gotten Bryan Anderson or someone on council to look into this problem, but has he? Probably not is my opinion.
No bees means the price of all foods goes way up, like guzzoline prices are doing. Guzzoline prices seam to be another problem the current Mayor of Edmonton is diong less than nothing about. Less than nothing is flying off to England for a vacation, while the price of guzzoline goes up , up and up for the edmonton driver driving to work, so they can pay the overtaxed voters bill of exhorbant property taxes, that are only going up thanks to programs like $13,000 dollar wage increases for the current Mayor of Edmonton. As I have pointed out, those $13,000 wages increases for the mayor, and the increase in the office budget for the mayor of Edmonton and the increase in the guzzoline allowance for the current mayor of Edmonton do less than nothing for problems like dying bees. Less than nohting is taking monies away from such things, when the current Mayor of edmonton already gets almost $200,000 a year in excessive wages. Other Mayors of other towns in Alberta get less than $5,000 in wages.

Leadership in Edmonton: the overtaxed voter can have one that DEMANDS the $13,000 raises and worries about where to spend them or Edmonton can have one that worries about the real issues and thier solutions, and DEMANDS wage cuts.
Bees and flowers, two more of the infinite number of reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

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section 176 of the Criminal code of Canada.
176. (1) Every one who

(a) by threats or force, unlawfully obstructs or prevents or endeavours to obstruct or prevent a clergyman or minister from celebrating divine service or performing any other function in connection with his calling, or

(b) knowing that a clergyman or minister is about to perform, is on his way to perform or is returning from the performance of any of the duties or functions mentioned in paragraph (a)

(i) assaults or offers any violence to him, or

(ii) arrests him on a civil process, or under the pretence of executing a civil process,

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings

(2) Every one who wilfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

(3) Every one who, at or near a meeting referred to in subsection (2), wilfully does anything that disturbs the order or solemnity of the meeting is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 172.

Court case precidents have shown, that if it is not in the Criminal code of Canada, it is a civil matter. Civil covers quiet a bit of law all over, even in Edmonton.
civil and criminal are the two types of laws in Canada.
For more information send me large sums of money for a consultation fee, or visit your local search engine to search for a lawyer to consult on such things.
I myself figure everyone should click on over here
where online, you can become an ordained clergyperson!
Or you can go to
to become an ordained clergyperson immune to civil things. .

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Crime is so out of control that the Guardian Angels are coming to town!
Rumormongering has it they are allready here, and Edmonton has had numerous visits by
The Guardian Angels founder.

He heard crime was so out of control, he came to Canada to help out the citizens of Edmonton, where there is an election for Mayor this year,
And to the city of Edmonton he has come.

the Mayor of Edmonton budgets for thousands of police every year!
And the Mayor of Edmonton put hundreds of millions into the police force!
And the Mayor of Edmonton makes sure they spend all that money, every year!

But those hundreds of Millions and thousands upon thousands of police
just isn’t enough it appears.

And it is all the Mayor of Edmontons fault, for showing no leadership
when it comes to serving and protecting the people of Edmonton!

The Mayor could have been out there helping the police to serve and protect
but instead the Mayor of Edmonton thinks it is better
to hang around convineance stores and
berate people for buying cigarettes!

Oh my, how sad, how fine of an example of how NOT to serve and protect. . .

And of course, being the Mayor , he has set a fine example for all the police
which is why crime is so out of control and running amok on the streets
that the Guardian Angels have to come to town. . . .

Because of course, the Mayor just dosen’t listen to the people of Edmonton, and shows no real leadership for the edmonton city police to follow , so they can do thier job!
And the Mayor of Edmonton is probably more concerned about where to spend that 13,000 dollar raise, and the next raise,
than the rampant out of control crime.

The next time your son or daughter in high school, gets arrested for
having a cigarette in thier pocket while at school, Make sure you thank the Mayor for a job not done.
The poor police officer will just be following the directions of his non-leader. . the Non-leader current Mayor of Edmonton who is doing such a dastardly poor job of leadership on serving and protecting that the Guarding Angels are here in town.

Dave Dowling if elected as Mayor,
would give the police the real leadership they need
to truly serve and protect,
so organizations like the Guardian angels
can go home and get a good nights sleep.

Just like the people of edmonton like doing every night.

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On this site is the mathematical description of what truth is: click this link for the description of th e following


Truth(variable a in the above equaiton) is equal to the objective times senses divided by the subjective.
as y(subjective) approaches zero, truth (a)approaches infinite.

now one can take this equation a=(x*b)/y and divide both sides by a
which would look like this a/a=((x*b)/y )/a
reducing the equation we are left with

Now onto the famous equation given to us by the angel of physics, Mr Einstien. Of course he’s one . . now.

of course what one does to one side of an equation, one must do to the other side of the equation
so if we divide both sides of E=mc^2 by E
we would have E/E=(mc^2)/E
reducing the equation as we did in the example above gives us 1=mc^2/E
now, we all know one is always equal to one
so now we can substatute the Truth equation, when it is equal to one
into the Einstien equation when it is equal to one which gives us the following:

divide both sides of this equation by mc^2
gives (mc^2/E)/mc^2=(xb/ya)/mc^2
reducing gives us an equation of:
multiplying both sides of this equation by E
gives one the following:
now to isolate E
we must multiply both sides of the equation by yamc^2/xb
which gives one the equation of:

Which is to say; the energy that comes out of a system is dependant upon the objectivity, subjectivity and of course our interpretation of the results through our senses.

This is why no experiments results are 100% accurate when compared to the theoretical predicitons, every one keeps forgetting to factor the truth into the equation, which is relative to everything. Relativity permeates threw the entire Universe and possibly beyond!

We are not god, we all have subjectivity.

In My Opinion once the Truth equation is factored into every equation there is, then and only then will the theroretical expectations of the chalkboard match the verifiable observations of the experimentations of the labratory.

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Would the mayors wages perks and privleged minus $10,000 buy a city sized solar panel?

If one googles “city sized solar panel
the first on the google list as of today is treehuggers uniters or something like that:
it looks to be one of the radical left leaning tree hugging organizations out to save the planet or something.
they even have something about Dr David Suzuki there, which just may prove they are a radical left leaning tree hugging organization out to save the planet or something.
If only there was a few more, or if the governmetn would listen to such esteamed people the planet would be saved!
which is a good a glorious thing.
But anyways on the treehugger website
there show how
Edmonton is not the leader in environmental friendly power generation, but out of the way foreign places like Boulder Colorado are!

To quote from the treehugger site “The project is called Nevada Solar One, and it is projected to generate 64 megawatts, when it is operational. It covers 300 acres and contain 760 mirror arrays, each measuring about 100 meters. The total number of mirrors is approximately 184,000. The solar power plant will go live next month in Boulder City, Nevada. The mirrors direct sunlight on an oil-filled tube. The oil is then used to create steam, which turns a turbine”Q !

Mirrors are cheep, cheep cheep,
‘specially if one used older mirrors
and Edmonton has lots of oil flowing through to the south and East.
And I am sure we have tubes!
And lots of sunlight. . .

My only question is why don’t we have three of them, and would all the money , loot, pillage, overtaxed voters dollars, perks and privleges that the Mayor spends, gets, and pillages every year pay for one of them?

Woould any Media dare the Mayor and council to lower thier wages to that which people on social assistance get?
Of course not! The Media get millions ever election from mayors and councilors and candidates who do not get elected.
And I am sure you heard that rumor story thingy about biting the hand that feeds one. . .

Which is why the only place you will see such is here
at the web site of your number one none pirate choice on the ballot for Mayor of Edmonton Dave Dowling.

No Pirates in politics please

If you’ve taken a taxi in the city of Edmonton Lately, you may have noticed, it is a polluting vehicle based on designs from the old millenium.
Watch out for that fouled stench issuing forth from that portal to the neither regions between City hall and The legislative grounds!

And if you travel to the international airport or from there to the city of Edmonton in a taxi cab then you may want to close your eyes so you do not see that layer of brown upon the horizon , that hovers over the city of edmonton, where there is an Election this year.

And be careful if your in a taxi going along the riverroad, as that cab may have to swerve to avoid a car wrecking pothole! If it swerves too much and you end up in that River, do not, I repeat, do not drink that brown river water!

That brown air, and brown water, and brown taste are there thanks to your Mayor of Edmonton! For that Mayor has been on City council at least six long years, and that is six long years where he could have done sometihng about such environmental problems, but he did less than nothing!

Less than nothing is making sure the Mayor got a $13, 000 +Dollar raise, an increase in the mayors gas allowance, an increase in the mayors office budget, and of course an increase in the mayors pension and probably an increase in the mayors perks and privleges too! And less than nothing includes the same for 12 councilors!

All that loot, and those taxed voters dollars, pillaged from the overtaxed voters pockets, could have instead gone towards making the city more environmentally friendly, like having electric buses, electric snow removal machines, and electric generating solar panels to charge all that environmental friendly equipment! But it did not. Instead it went into the Mayors pockets, with not a thought what so ever for the environment, the trees, the waters, the airs, and the creatures like humans that need such things to live life. . . .

$$ 35 million was somehow spent on snow removal. Something was definately removed, but it sure wasn’t snow, allthough it sure looks as if there is a snowjob somewhere there. . . $$ 35 million, that’s more loot than the winnings of 3 lotto winners combined! And I would bet any one of those 3 lotto winners could remove more snow for 1/2 the amount, just with shovels! Now I know the city dosen’t remove all the snow with shovels, but it sure looks like someone is shoveling something, when there is rumored to be $35 million, more millions that the combined millions of 3 lotto winners, spent on snow removal and it is the warm weather that removes all the snow!

The snow removal budget is similar to the Mayors wages, wages, wages. Did I text that three times? I sure hope so, because the Mayors wages are at least three times the average wage of the average Edmontonian. . .

Edmonton you can stop being sheeple for the pirate sin government to feast upon, you can do so by getting up off the couch and voting Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

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