the fundamental particle is that whch is non-divisable. It (the fundamental particle) is the Kraken of particle physics. Krakens are critters all have heard about, but no one has a piece of , to say; see here is emperical proof of krakens!

the fundamental particle has a radius of 1/2 units. a unit is the diameter of a fundamental particle. Since it can not be divided, nor split aprt into anything smaller, it therefor MUST has an infinite energy, as it takes a greater force to fracture or split a smaller force.
With a radius of 1/2 unit the fundamental particle has a volume of: pi/6 units cubed.

On a side note http://www.knowledgerush.com/kr/encyclopedia/Euler’s_formula/


Eulers fomulas and laws shows to quote “in Euclidean spaces of dimension n>4 there are only 3 different kinds of regular hyperpolyhedra” Why?
Because of the way in which fundamental particles congregate together is why of course.

For http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphere
shows the volume of
a sphere of one unit in diameter will be pi/6 units cubed (pi is that constant that is almost equal to 3.12
a sphere of two units in dameter will have a volume of 4pi/3 units cubed
a sphere of 3 units in diameter has a Volume= 27pi/6 units cubed. And will hold 27 spheres of one unit diameter.
and a sphere of 4 units diameter will hold 64 spheres of one unit diameter and have a volume of 32pi/3 units cubed. 32pi/3 divided by the volume of a one diameter sphere pi/6 units(volume of a one diameter sphere) is 64!

This is what the mathematical expression n^3 represents. It represents how fundamental particles conglomerate together.
diameter 2 volume=2^3=8 fundamental spheres
diameter 3 volume=3^3=27 fundamental spheres
diameter n volume = n^3 fundamental spheres.

oddlys and evens and of course oddlys plus or minus one or more, and evens plus or minus one or more.

4 basics forms formed from fundamental particles conglomerating together, where just the surfaces of them overlap a tiny bit. The sphere is the shape that holds the most volume with the least amount of surface space.
For these particles conglomerate together to form stable forms of energy. Stable forms are things like quanta of energy. Quanta of light,, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, planets, stars galaxies and of course the most stable form of energy. The IDPOIRP, (Infinite Dimensional Point Of Infinite Raw Potential) that which existed just before the universe big banged into the expanding thing that it has turned into today!