How does one prove a clucking chicken is a clucking chicken? Easy , challenge the chicken to 3 rounds in the ring, no holds barred, UFC rules! Thats how! but this post is about brown air, and only sort of about chickens, after all, even chickens breath air!

Brown is a fine color for tree bark and birds and such. But is brown a good color for Air to be?
Brown air. . . .
I am sure the international library of poetry would agree that clown rhymes with brown, but is brown air a laughing matter like clowns are?

Perhaps brown air is good for one of those savage, I have lost my sanity laughs, but In My Opinion and probably the Opinion of organizations like Green peace, and people like Dr. David Suzuki

Brown air is a serious deadly matter that various levels of government are not doing enough to solve.

Yes in any major city, just drive out of the city about 5 miles, then look back towards the center of that city. Pick a city like Edmonton, capital of the mighty nation of Alberta. Drive out on that QE II highway to the international airport and look back to the city center.

Mmmmmm, brown air, a nice wonderous layer of it, nice and close to the ground where the humans breath. Inhale.. . exhale. . . Take a deep breath now. Mmmm, notice the lack of taste?

That’s because brown air quickley savagizes your nostrils and makes it so they do not want to smell! Brown air has a brownish smell, sort of like burnt everything!

Now drive to the mountains up near Jasper, get away from the highway, off in the forest surrounded by trees. Here, the air still smells wonderous , but I realy do not know for how much longer the air in places like Jasper will smell wonderous, alive, invigourating and filled with all things green and good.
For Brown air is manufactured where ever humans are now. We all HAve our Brown air manufacturing machines, in our homes, our offices, our cars and now even in the mountains near jasper, where we go on vacation to get away from the brown air that hovers over Edmonton and other cities.

And I blame that Brown air on the Scamdels in government that have done less than nothing to stop the brown air disease wrecking the pretty blue skies. I do not know about you, but I perfer blue skies, not brown skies. Brown skies sort of remind me of looking in a toliet bowl.
Blue skies sort of remind me of thing slike that first kiss I ever got.

Yes, I Blame the Scamdels of Government for the brown air. For those Scamdels in Government could have done things to stop the brown air crisis/ But they did not. Instead they did less than nothing.

Less than nothing is acting like a pirate, when you only got 17% of the vote and giving yourself a 13% pay raise, while doing nothing about the brown air crisis. That 13% pay raise could have gone towards overtaxed voters making their dwellings more environmentally friendly!

The less brown air generators in peoples dwelling, the more blue sky there is for all to enjoy.

I myself believe it is a question of morals.
Example: one can be like me and replace all those old incandesent lights, in ones property with state of the art, top of the line, flouresent blubs, to help keep air the color it should be: Blue.

Or one can be a slum trailer park owning landlording pirate out to Scamdel 13 % more on the paycheck for helping to keep the air getting browner.

How sad, Edmonton, you voted for more brown air.

This Election, vote for Blue skies, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!