07star.gifThe Constant e: or how many Angels can dance on the point of a pin.

Just google e=
And you will find out that e is approximately equal to 2.71828183
Like pi, the constant e is a non repetitive number.
And here is what e represents.

Imagine a particle that has infinite energy, no mass, and the smallest volume that there is, the volume of a fundamental particle. Such was the state of the universe one moment before it big banged into the expanding Universe that it is today. Plug infinite energy and no mass into those energy equations involving what is the velocity of that particle? And you will find that particle has an instantaneous velocity!
An instantaneous velocity is one where that particle can go from point a to point b in no time at all, and appear to be in both places at the same time! In fact such a particle can appear in an infinite number of places at the same time. This is the same thing as appearing everywhere at the same time.
Which leads to the question of what is one really looking at when observing such a particle? For though the particle is there it sort of is not as it is elsewhere at the same time it is where we observe it, because it is appearing everywhere at once!
So in fact in each place there is in a way a particle and a reflection of the particle.
Since this particle is appearing everywhere at once, it would be infinite in dimensions! It would have Infinite length, infinite width, and of course infinite height.
Let us call this particle e
E would then be equal to one particle, plus one reflection of that particle, and of course they would both be of infinite dimensions. This can be put into a mathematical equation!

e= (1+1/infinity)^infinity
Low and behold it is the constant e
e = 2.71828183
That is how many Infinite Dimensional Points of Infinite Raw Potential (Fundamental Particles) there is in one place at one time. Yes you are reading that correctly, there is approx. 2.71828183 fundamental particles in one place at one time! And each fundamental particle will have infinite energy, and be connected to everything there is. Hence the why to the theory of relativity, for everything is relative and connected to everything by the fundamental particle, the Infinite Dimensional Point Of Infinite Raw Potential that appears everywhere at the same time..
Reflections of it, when agitated by the quantum fluctuations that permeate throughout the sub atomic, tend to conglomerate together into stable forms, like quanta of energy and things like photons and electrons and such.