3 eyed parrot
Say hello to Winkey the three eyed parrot! Winkey is the Mascot of pillaging polluting pirate politicians in government!
Yes indeed, mascot of the pillaging pirate politiicans in government that do less than nothing for the environment and let mutated horrors like 3 eyed parrots evolve, due to toxic checmical buildup in the environment that wrecks DNA.
Those toxic chemicals in the environment that let parrots mutate into 3 eyed horrors, are there because the pillaging polluting pirates in government let it happen!

Those pillagin’ pollutin’ pirates in government could have enacted laws to control those out of control running amok for profit corporations that are semi responsible for wrecking the environment, but those pillaging polluting pirates in government did not.

Instead they uppitied thier wages, perks, and privledges! And they upped the property taxes, the personal taxes, the user fees, and let gasoline prices go up so high, so fast, one would think it was a rocket powered pirate boat shooting for the moon! And they let those corporations run amok on the environment, like pirates pillaging a town of innocent over taxed voters for enough loot to buy a three eyed parrot from merlin the trickster!

Did I mention the outragous rent increases in Alberta forcing innocent fixed income people out onto the streets to fight with sasquatch for room over the warm sewer vent? The pillaging polluting pirates in government could have done somehting about the outragous rental increases all over Alberta.

But instead the pillagin’ polluting pirates in Government decided to spend Billions upon billions for a pipeline for the Oil industry to hide its co2 environmentally damaging farts! Yes, the pillaging polluting pirates in government decided to spend your billions on the oil industry!

Billions that could have gone towards a rebate check, so you could spend money on your own pipeline to hide your own farts!Instead of subsidising you, they(the pillagin polluting pirates in government) decided to give once again, to the corporations. And not just any corporation, oh, no, its the corporations that got the lowest in the world oil royalty rates!

And mayor Scamdel is ever so silent on all of this!
Winkey and Silence. . . More of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

No Pirates in politics please