Is the Mayor someone we all show bow down to like he’s king and never question?
Of course not, we live in a democracy , where everything the Mayor does can be questioned and scrutinized, and blared in the media. It is called freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is a god given right for all. And dam anyone who tries to take such rights away.

Where else do you see things like stories of Winkey the three eyed parrot? After all , after my internet search, those other candidates do not even have a web site up! Now that, that is disprespect for the overtaxed voter. Giving them rumormongering and 20th hand hearsay for information! Tsk, tsk tsk.

Even the various media commentators are not brave, nor bold enough
to publish something like Winkey the three eyed parrot on thier web site!
3 eyed parrot

Or where, where else is a person up for election, posting such horrendous typos and grammer errors in the test they post? Where?

Or what other Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton had a web site up in 2006? Or a web blog? Making sure the overtaxed voters of edmonton have some pertenet information to make thier decisions with. I, Dave Dowling respect the overtaxed voters needing information on Candidates, why do the other Candidates not resepect the overtaxed voter?

Is there another Candidate using the exceptional great and free format of

Or perhaps there is another person up for election for Mayor of Edmonton with such an extensive photo blog of excellent pictures of nature?

Is there a Candidate up for election in 2007 for Mayor of Edmonton on the internet proposing to chop the mayors wages down to $20,000 per year or less? And to use those savings to clean the streets in winter and repair them?

And where oh where is the other candidates large election signs made of tree destroying wood, after an election? In the dump showing no respect for the integrity of the environment, that is where.

1.4 billion or 1. 3 billion or 2.0 billion, it is still a lot of money, specially when the streets are not cleaned or repaired.

And every one of those billions and questions is another of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!