No Pirates in politics please
Yes according to the latest rumor mongering mills( majority of the media)
The Mayor of Edmonton is responsible for the City of Edmonton spending 1.4 Billion per year!
And where oh where does it all go? Is all that loot, being pillage by pirates being squandered on pirate wonders like 3 eyed parrots?3 eyed parrot

Well now, according to

Two deputy police chiefs, one who is according to the source mentioned above runs the “specialized community support bureau”
are making according to the same news source, “Both are slated to earn $155,000 upon appointment, with salaries escalating each year to $176,000 after the third year. “
Well now, there goes 1/3 of a million between two people, and that is not counting the other expenses, expenses like retierment packages, uniforms, guns, bullets, vehicles, cell phones, cell phone charges, and of course guzzoline for those vehicles, I am sure all that stuff , and the stuff I have not mentioned goes comes from the overtaxed voters pockets and not the deputy chiefs pockets!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not slagging the deputy chiefs here. I am pointing out where all that tax monies go!

Now, this is just two of many thousands of police on the Edmonton police force.
Who all from what I see, are doing a rather all right job at policing. I say allright, because there is still crime here and there happening, but that is not there fault, I would rather put the blame , where it belings, on the pirate politicians.

Now, according to Mr Dioittes web site:
“a 30% increase in their vehicle allowance – from $4,800 a year to $6,240 – and an 83% increase in the cash they’re paid to put into RRSPs. That new sum equals 11% of their annual salary!

The pay hike would see councillors paid $72,000 (plus a whole lot of perks), up from the current $63,638.

The mayor’s salary will rise to $130,000 from $121,821.”

Now click on that calculator link o your computer , and you will see that the Mayor gets around $150,000 before pirate perks, pirate privleges and pirate pork. the councilors only get a poorly $85,000 per year before all the pirate loot like 3 eyed parrots!
now, 12 councilors times 85,000 per year, adds up to a lot of pirate Loot!

“AAAaarerrrr” say the Mayor, “HHAAaaarrr” says the councilors, then , then they all at once, turn thier heads, and say “HHHHArrrrrrr” financial pirates who we paid pirate wages to, for the pirate study on pirate wages and why pirate wages should go up. Arrrrr Pirate matey we ‘greee with ya and shall up our uppity wages so we too can live and spend like pirate kings and pirates Queens !

And the media says “Arrrrrr”, for in a way they too are pirates. And the over taxed voter says “Arrrrrrr,” like a good 4th and twenty swab, and then low and behold, 1.17 million is spent every year on Captin Scamdel and the 12 deputy captin pirates (The mayor of Edmonton and the council)
And that is of course, before the pirate perks, the pirate privleges, and the pirate who knows what else!

I am sure the police force is the same way.

so between just two Edmonton organizations, we can account for the pirates at the top, in those positions of voluntary servitude pillaging at the very least a total of 3.5 million per year! just in wages from the overtaxed voters pockets!

Now, that still leaves $ 1.4 Billion dollars, so where it is all going?
well now, 4000 police times a minimum of $ 100,000 per year in wages per police officer is:
only $ 400,000,000.
that leaves one billion per year.
parks and rec and city hall staff probably account for another 400 million or so in wages and stuff
Which would leave 600 million.

I have no idea where that the majority of that 600 million would go. as only 25 million is spent on road cleaning in the winter.
leaves 575 million unacounnted for.

Perhaps that 575 million is for all the pirate perks, privleges and 3 eyed parrots!for pirates to brag about at thier pirate gathers, where they feast on rare foods and pass out from drinking too much watered down, overprice grog. But what the heck, pirates only use overtaxed voters pockets to pay for overpriced grog at pirate gatherings.

Edmonton: On October, quit beeing sheeple for pirates to feast upon, get up off the couch, go the polls, and Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton, Your number one non-pirate choice on the balllot!