Yes, it is true, Jack or his minions sent an email to Dave DOwling!
And here is Daves reply posted fo rthe entire world to see!

Jack, In My Opinion your only another pirate captin of 3 pirate crews out to wreck Canada. After the next election who even knows if your gonna be in parliament? Your pirate parties poll numbers are going into the basement!
On top of this your political party has a dismal record of never diong much of anything for the poor, the people and the great Nation of Alberta.

In Fact there isn’t even a nd from Alberta in Parliament, why? Probably because of many reasons Is My Opinion as to why.

the first of many reasons would be how you and the other two pirate parties always represent the East. Where was the demanding of Rebate checks for Albertans by yours for all the Oil flowing out of the province. In fact have you or your political pirate party ever done anything for Alberta and Albertans? Is there actual platform or policy on that sad web site of your pirate parties that says how your going to let Alberta Farmers grow Hemp, Liek the state of the art top of the line Alberta Bloc platform does? It appears not. All that is there is some vague “statement” by some weed smoking member of your pirate party.

On top of that, your political pirate party really has no environmental plan that would work. Unlike lthe state of the art, top of the line Alberta Bloc platform.. . . which you should visit at albertabloc.org for some real ideas.

I know that like all pirates are, you would not give any credit to the Alberta Bloc or mention that you got ideas from the Alberta Bloc web site, but that is all righty, as we at the Alberta Bloc are not pirates like your pirate political party is andthe other two politicalpirate parties are, and we actually have no problem with sharing.

And, no, there is no use replying as I will never ever support your pirate party, nor the other two pirate parties.

Dave Dowling

Alberta Bloc Leader.

Vote Dave Dowling

To Vote: tis indeed; Divine ambrosa from Heavens grace, from which taste flows freedoms and rights forevermore.

From: “Layton, Jack – M.P.”
To: “Layton, Jack – M.P.”
Subject: NDP: Showing leadership on the environment
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 16:59:02 -0400
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>Thank you for sharing your concern for Canada’s performance on
>protecting our environment.
>After so many years of federal inaction, everyday Canadians say the
>environment is their #1 priority, and New Democrats are listening. The
>NDP has a comprehensive plan to improve our environment and fight
>climate change. Our action plan includes:
>- Meeting Canada’s commitments under the Kyoto protocol
>- Developing a national sustainability plan
>- Significantly increasing the responsibility of large industries to
>reduce emissions
>- Legislating a mandatory fuel efficiency standard that meets or exceeds
>leading North American jurisdictions
>- Ending subsidies to polluting industries
>For detailed information on the NDP’s plan for short and long term
>action, please read the following links:
>15 tough amendments to Clean Air Act
>NDP’s Climate Change Accountability Act
>A Green Agenda for Canada
>I appreciate your efforts to register your views with me. I hope I can
>count on your support to make Parliament work on behalf of all
>Canadians. All the best.
>Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
>Leader, Canada’s New Democrats
No Pirates in politics please