Most gravel roads in Alberta, are in better shape than the ever so pothole holy roads of Edmonton!

Our roads are ever so holy , I figure, they (City council and the Mayor )got them all second hand from the Vatican garage sale!

From what I read in the last week or so, here and there, on the internet, City council and the Mayor get more in wages every year, than what is spent to repair the ever so holy roads of Edmonton.

95 ave near where I live on the south side, has some potholes that are so deep, I swear one could haul silk from China through them! Driving down that road, is like sking down the ski course, swerve to the left to avoid the rim wrecker, then swerve to the right to avoid the front end mis-aliner! And that is just two of many dastardley deep potholes of horror along the road near where I live!

The other day I was going up to the south side commens shopping area, along 99 st and I believe I saw a Humpback whale and four dolphins swimming in a pothole! Luckey I swerved around it and did not harm any whales or dolphins!

I would imagine all the people swerving and weaving around potholes makes it hard for the police to spot those drunk drivers out there.
I know I would not want to be a police officer pulling over an innocent taxpayer who is hair bitting mad, over the pothole that just wrecked the suspension on the brand new car!

I have seen one place in North America that had worse potholes than Edmonton. That place was Chicken Alaska, half way between dawson city and whitehorse. When you leave Whitehorse, the highway is paved! no potholes! two lanes each way! Then a few kilometers out it narrows down to one lane each way, then a couple of hundred kilometers laters its a graverly road, and hardly any potholes! Jasper Ave in Edmonton has more potholes. But then the road narrows to almost a goat track near chicken Alaska, and right threw Chicken, you would swear it is a goat track, with more potholes than any street in Edmonton. When I went threw it That summer, the main road of that town then, was two ruts 6 to 8 inches deep in the hard mud when it had not rained. . . that was way back when, in the early ninties in the last decade of the last century of the last millenium. They may have paved Chicken Alaska since then, so:
When it comes to major cities, though, I have not seen a major city that has worse potholes than Edmonton, and that is sad. 😦

And every one of those vehicle destroying potholes is another of many reason to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton