$13,000+ reasons to Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton!

$13,000+ ! What a wage increase, what a raise, what a Scamdelous figure!
$13,000+ is a whopping pile of pirate loot pillage from the overtaxed voters pockets! Why $13,000+ is MORE THAN twice the social assistance rate in Edmonton! Does that make the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the working pooor feel better? I myself do not believe so. In Fact In My Opinion it does the opposite! $13,000+ would feed 13,000 people one meal, or 6,500 people two meals! And no, we are not talking caviar here. $13,000+ would feed 2 people 6,500 meals, or two people could eat 2 meals each day for ten long years with $13,000+ dollars! $13,000+ dollars would be a staggering weight in loonies, as each loony weighs 7 grams that would be 91 kilograms of pillaged pirate loot!

And what exactley will that extra $13,000+ dollars do for Edmonton?
well now isn’t that an excellent question that you will never see in the media?

Here is what the Mayors wage increase of $13,000+ dollars will do for Edmomton.

1 It will cause taxes to go up. Like the burden isn’t overbearing allready.
2 It will take money away from snow removal. Wow, what a stupid idea, less for snow removal.
3 It will cause more potholes wrecking the vehicles of the overtaxed voter, as it takes away from the roads.
4 It will slowly bankrupt the city of edmonton, by the example of how every city worker should be demanding the same wage increases.
5 this will cause crime to sky rocket, as money is robbed from law enforcement to pay fat cat city workers hired through polices of Nepitism.
6 Vehilce accidents will skyrocket in number to the moon, as more drivers driver over too cautiously, because of all the traffic law enforcement cameras.
7 there will be too many traffic law enforcement cameras as the scamdels are forced to double tax the overtaxed voter to pay for all those $13,000+ dollar raises!
8 Crime will skyrocket pass the moon to the area of mars, as all the criminals will be released from the jails early due to superior overcrowding in jails and the overtaxed voters being unable to pay thier $13,000+ yellow light infraction tickets! red lighers will pay $13,000+ + $13,000+!
9 $13,000+ more dollars will be required from the overtaxed voter every month, for the Mayors monthley raises!
10 It will be claimed the extra money puts his pay in the range of comparable people in the private industry, like traffic light camera corporate owners!
11 Crime will skyrocket way pass mars to parts uncharted by living mortals as there will only be one police chief and 12 deputy police chiefs who between them recieve over $400,000,000 in wages.
12 All that crime, and all that evil happening all over the city of Deadmonton will cause a portal to the neither regions of Hell to open somewhere between city hall and the legislative building.
13 A fouled nasty reeking cloud of ill will issue forth from the portal to the neither regions of Hell as the horned one with the pointy tail, the devil itself ascends up to Deadmonton.
13+ the end of everything, and it is all blamed on the overtaxed voters of Edmonton who did not Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton in the month of October in the 8th year of the decade of the naughties in the new millenium.

That is one evil raise, just look at that number, there is an unlucky, unholy, ungodly thirteen( 13) in it! that is where evil $13,000+ dollar wages get the people, a land of horror where the flaming red pointy horned one rules with a little Scamdel sitting at its side, saying, “where oh where is my $13,000+ dollar raise!