If you’ve taken a taxi in the city of Edmonton Lately, you may have noticed, it is a polluting vehicle based on designs from the old millenium.
Watch out for that fouled stench issuing forth from that portal to the neither regions between City hall and The legislative grounds!

And if you travel to the international airport or from there to the city of Edmonton in a taxi cab then you may want to close your eyes so you do not see that layer of brown upon the horizon , that hovers over the city of edmonton, where there is an Election this year.

And be careful if your in a taxi going along the riverroad, as that cab may have to swerve to avoid a car wrecking pothole! If it swerves too much and you end up in that River, do not, I repeat, do not drink that brown river water!

That brown air, and brown water, and brown taste are there thanks to your Mayor of Edmonton! For that Mayor has been on City council at least six long years, and that is six long years where he could have done sometihng about such environmental problems, but he did less than nothing!

Less than nothing is making sure the Mayor got a $13, 000 +Dollar raise, an increase in the mayors gas allowance, an increase in the mayors office budget, and of course an increase in the mayors pension and probably an increase in the mayors perks and privleges too! And less than nothing includes the same for 12 councilors!

All that loot, and those taxed voters dollars, pillaged from the overtaxed voters pockets, could have instead gone towards making the city more environmentally friendly, like having electric buses, electric snow removal machines, and electric generating solar panels to charge all that environmental friendly equipment! But it did not. Instead it went into the Mayors pockets, with not a thought what so ever for the environment, the trees, the waters, the airs, and the creatures like humans that need such things to live life. . . .

$$ 35 million was somehow spent on snow removal. Something was definately removed, but it sure wasn’t snow, allthough it sure looks as if there is a snowjob somewhere there. . . $$ 35 million, that’s more loot than the winnings of 3 lotto winners combined! And I would bet any one of those 3 lotto winners could remove more snow for 1/2 the amount, just with shovels! Now I know the city dosen’t remove all the snow with shovels, but it sure looks like someone is shoveling something, when there is rumored to be $35 million, more millions that the combined millions of 3 lotto winners, spent on snow removal and it is the warm weather that removes all the snow!

The snow removal budget is similar to the Mayors wages, wages, wages. Did I text that three times? I sure hope so, because the Mayors wages are at least three times the average wage of the average Edmontonian. . .

Edmonton you can stop being sheeple for the pirate sin government to feast upon, you can do so by getting up off the couch and voting Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!