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On this site is the mathematical description of what truth is: click this link for the description of th e following


Truth(variable a in the above equaiton) is equal to the objective times senses divided by the subjective.
as y(subjective) approaches zero, truth (a)approaches infinite.

now one can take this equation a=(x*b)/y and divide both sides by a
which would look like this a/a=((x*b)/y )/a
reducing the equation we are left with

Now onto the famous equation given to us by the angel of physics, Mr Einstien. Of course he’s one . . now.

of course what one does to one side of an equation, one must do to the other side of the equation
so if we divide both sides of E=mc^2 by E
we would have E/E=(mc^2)/E
reducing the equation as we did in the example above gives us 1=mc^2/E
now, we all know one is always equal to one
so now we can substatute the Truth equation, when it is equal to one
into the Einstien equation when it is equal to one which gives us the following:

divide both sides of this equation by mc^2
gives (mc^2/E)/mc^2=(xb/ya)/mc^2
reducing gives us an equation of:
multiplying both sides of this equation by E
gives one the following:
now to isolate E
we must multiply both sides of the equation by yamc^2/xb
which gives one the equation of:

Which is to say; the energy that comes out of a system is dependant upon the objectivity, subjectivity and of course our interpretation of the results through our senses.

This is why no experiments results are 100% accurate when compared to the theoretical predicitons, every one keeps forgetting to factor the truth into the equation, which is relative to everything. Relativity permeates threw the entire Universe and possibly beyond!

We are not god, we all have subjectivity.

In My Opinion once the Truth equation is factored into every equation there is, then and only then will the theroretical expectations of the chalkboard match the verifiable observations of the experimentations of the labratory.