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Would the mayors wages perks and privleged minus $10,000 buy a city sized solar panel?

If one googles “city sized solar panel
the first on the google list as of today is treehuggers uniters or something like that:
it looks to be one of the radical left leaning tree hugging organizations out to save the planet or something.
they even have something about Dr David Suzuki there, which just may prove they are a radical left leaning tree hugging organization out to save the planet or something.
If only there was a few more, or if the governmetn would listen to such esteamed people the planet would be saved!
which is a good a glorious thing.
But anyways on the treehugger website
there show how
Edmonton is not the leader in environmental friendly power generation, but out of the way foreign places like Boulder Colorado are!

To quote from the treehugger site “The project is called Nevada Solar One, and it is projected to generate 64 megawatts, when it is operational. It covers 300 acres and contain 760 mirror arrays, each measuring about 100 meters. The total number of mirrors is approximately 184,000. The solar power plant will go live next month in Boulder City, Nevada. The mirrors direct sunlight on an oil-filled tube. The oil is then used to create steam, which turns a turbine”Q !

Mirrors are cheep, cheep cheep,
‘specially if one used older mirrors
and Edmonton has lots of oil flowing through to the south and East.
And I am sure we have tubes!
And lots of sunlight. . .

My only question is why don’t we have three of them, and would all the money , loot, pillage, overtaxed voters dollars, perks and privleges that the Mayor spends, gets, and pillages every year pay for one of them?

Woould any Media dare the Mayor and council to lower thier wages to that which people on social assistance get?
Of course not! The Media get millions ever election from mayors and councilors and candidates who do not get elected.
And I am sure you heard that rumor story thingy about biting the hand that feeds one. . .

Which is why the only place you will see such is here
at the web site of your number one none pirate choice on the ballot for Mayor of Edmonton Dave Dowling.

No Pirates in politics please