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Crime is so out of control that the Guardian Angels are coming to town!
Rumormongering has it they are allready here, and Edmonton has had numerous visits by
The Guardian Angels founder.

He heard crime was so out of control, he came to Canada to help out the citizens of Edmonton, where there is an election for Mayor this year,
And to the city of Edmonton he has come.

the Mayor of Edmonton budgets for thousands of police every year!
And the Mayor of Edmonton put hundreds of millions into the police force!
And the Mayor of Edmonton makes sure they spend all that money, every year!

But those hundreds of Millions and thousands upon thousands of police
just isn’t enough it appears.

And it is all the Mayor of Edmontons fault, for showing no leadership
when it comes to serving and protecting the people of Edmonton!

The Mayor could have been out there helping the police to serve and protect
but instead the Mayor of Edmonton thinks it is better
to hang around convineance stores and
berate people for buying cigarettes!

Oh my, how sad, how fine of an example of how NOT to serve and protect. . .

And of course, being the Mayor , he has set a fine example for all the police
which is why crime is so out of control and running amok on the streets
that the Guardian Angels have to come to town. . . .

Because of course, the Mayor just dosen’t listen to the people of Edmonton, and shows no real leadership for the edmonton city police to follow , so they can do thier job!
And the Mayor of Edmonton is probably more concerned about where to spend that 13,000 dollar raise, and the next raise,
than the rampant out of control crime.

The next time your son or daughter in high school, gets arrested for
having a cigarette in thier pocket while at school, Make sure you thank the Mayor for a job not done.
The poor police officer will just be following the directions of his non-leader. . the Non-leader current Mayor of Edmonton who is doing such a dastardly poor job of leadership on serving and protecting that the Guarding Angels are here in town.

Dave Dowling if elected as Mayor,
would give the police the real leadership they need
to truly serve and protect,
so organizations like the Guardian angels
can go home and get a good nights sleep.

Just like the people of edmonton like doing every night.